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To coast to coast I'm going to tell you about our guest here Brian c Wilson author of the new book Johnny fetzer in the quest for the. New wage is a professor of American religious history in the department of comparative religion at western Michigan university in. Kalamazoo he, is an expert in American, religious, history with an emphasis on new religious movements. And metaphysical traditions as well in here he, is? On Costa Colson Brian so everybody, knows, right off from the start you are not part of the beach boys right No, I'm afraid not do you, get, that a lot I do I'm actually originally. From California so I used to get it, all I love it? And there's. A lot of synchronicity to, this tonight with you I'm from Detroit And our our show right now was, on WBZ oh in Kalamazoo which was John fetzer for. Station and the just, the lobban. Gosh we loved him in Detroit when those Tigers were winning I gotta? Tell, you, that's amazing but tell, me how did you key, in on the John fetzer story it's it's it's a. Great, story and it's a great book but, not a lot of people know who he was no I'm as you said in the introduction I. Studied new religious movements and I'm really interested in kind of. Alternative religions in the mid west and I've lived here in Kalamazoo, for last twenty two years and I've been aware that there's the. Fetzer institute down the road but I didn't know whole lot about John Patrick is life Intel they decided to. Do a kind, of legacy program where they go back and explore various facets. And the folk Veteran institute new I was, interested in new religious movements so they, said hey would you like to come in you. Know look at the archives and see what we have here and it turned. Out, to be, just a gold mine absolutely fascinating for somebody like me interested in, metaphysical movements San paranormal and things like that and I've. Got to tell you, until I. Read your book I had a and again this is from a kid? Growing, up, in Detroit I had, no idea that John fetzer, was into all these things that we talk about on. This, show the UFO's the metaphysical aspect of, its spirituality I didn't know that at all about him well he was very careful to keep this. Pretty quiet he was a pretty private person but he was. Also a concern you know because he was in broadcasting and you, know he he was in radio and TV and later cable and. He was very concerned because Michigan especially southwest Michigan tends to be pretty conservative religiously so he wanted to make Sure you didn't alienated sponsors and he didn't alienate his. Audience so a lot of his closest work colleagues had, no idea they had inklings but. Only his closest friends really news kind of on this lifelong spiritual quest and looking at, all these you know alternative in very different religious. Movement it was kind of funny when I was going to university of Detroit many years ago and I was my, curriculum was broadcasting I was looking. At stations that they potentially could apply for. To, work when I graduated and I'm looking at WBZ. Yo is one of them in, Kalamazoo because I figured gosh I'm, not gonna, be able to break into the Detroit market right, away which I did I was very fortunate to, do that but I was looking at, the at that station in Iran I'm on it. Now with coast to coast It's. Funny how things work like, that but but John fetzer you. Know. Really got his start back in nineteen twenty two when. He he picked up this experimental radio station and then he. Turned it into, a w k CEO in off his rod cast career went then he started buying more and more right, yeah he, did he had a brother-in-law named. Fred Ribble who was calligrapher for the railroad and Fred was very interested, in all the, kind of cutting edge technology at the. Time and he's the guy who got John fetzer into putting together crystal sets so they, had these very crude radio sets that set up and and start listening to whatever, was, over the air and the story is the first time to hear her, music over the. Air they were just absolutely flabbergasted and, so that's our got very interested in radio he was living, in Lafayette Indiana and took classes at Purdue And radio engineering. And a certain point the..

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