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Now, I'm so glad I was a stutterer and it really is a gift. It's a gift. I wouldn't wish on anybody. But he has. He has the benefit of what you know and what you've been through. That's right. He does, and that's been good. Actually, that's the that's been good. They we, I was able first of all because of my knowledge, I was able to get him treatment. We acknowledged very soon. I got it the diagnosed river very early and he's actually doing. He's more fluent than I actually. But of course, it's still there. It's a, it's a neurological thing, and some days are better than others. Some days are worse and he will not think anything of coming to listen to me lecture. I give a talk and saying that he stuttered a bunch. You had. He has a bumpy speech. You had really bumpy speech there. I know I did yours. Your speech is so much better than my are. I'll say to him, Alex year speeches, bumpy today can and he'll say, oh, here's his much worse than mine. And I said, I know mine is, and that's right. I don't want you to be as bad as mine, but that's he's very open about. I love that because I could never talk about it. Does he have a special understanding of your connection with animals? Yes, he does. And. He says he wants to grow up in BIA's zoologist and I'm telling him he should think hard about that. I'm not sure I wish that autumn either, but. Yes, I think I think he understands me more than I almost realize now it's hard because I'm also travel a lot. I'm very torn. That's the other thing when I was diagnosed at first with cancer, I was told that while it's slow, if I keep on doing what I do, and I get sick as as I have many times in my life in the field with malaria dengue, fever, typhus or typhoid, there's a potential. I could speed this leukemia up because I will be kicking my immune system into into hard drive. So for a little while I thought, okay, well, then I'm going to try to prolong my life and I'll I'll go in the field less. I'll I'll stay at home more and I was going crazy and I wasn't the father. I wanted to be to my children. And my wife, of course, told me, get back in the. I was driving her crazy. So I really realized one day I came out of one of the rooms of my house and I watched my son. Watching a video tape of me a show that was done years ago called champions of the wild about me with Jaguars. He thought it was his cartoons and any accidentally put in this tape of me and he started watching it and it just shows how fate intervenes because that was the point that which I realized that regardless of what happened because of it, I had to live the life that defined me the best both to myself and to my family..

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