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And our board operator jake roused in addition to our friends filled in like the communist you brothers ben lions michaels adopted son pretty prints junior julia jeff katz and so on a big to uh george brioni since he palette for filling in running the board to our good friend boss amanda brown a for everything you've done for both of us matt mallon michael in his terrific sales staff like mark and alan tracy and run everybody had been fantastic to work without richard just like everybody in traffic and how the person the put us on the air mike thompson our liquor boss tim harris and also thanks to our bosses dan and scott for everything and i be remiss michael not to mention john ireland my broadcast uncle close friend agents mentor advisors since await not he's probably the biggest reason that i've been on the air here and we'll continue to be on the air john is the best up but i especially michael want to thank you no matter what's going on in the world of sports or just the world you always have something funny an interesting to say your personality is truly unique and special man i i've learned a lot of things from you from the nba the nfl space raising kids geography topography ships air aircraft aviation spelling lifetime dramas 50s 60s 70s tv show right love relate relationships like that super old athletes at right super old music hall whole professional wrestling line yeah champagne and of course nuts so on on the lakers points and i i'm gonna bring you some some veuve clicquot no as lots of got it for you i alerted my house because i'm gonna have a nascent shield he's obviously had fight every day well you to give yourself a year well astra you're still gonna be a you're still gonna be on the air at european the are more often than we've been now the power only last like they're dm here that i give and they call me from a fillon's i think i'm gonna be busy with how the careers doubt that at least we will get you every lakers game day and i think you're gonna be a little more that okay so so thank you for indulging us there for that and now michael thompson.

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