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This was an actual response to Iranian threats. Are we going to go to war with Iran? That's something that nobody wants. And yet the situation keeps getting stronger and tighter to talk about it. And to explain a bit of and former mayor of Shiloh Israel, and the author of a new book called Trump and the Jews David Rubin. David to what degree is this really just verbiage in each side yelling at each other. Or are we getting close to an actual war? Question about it when Iran United States to attack when the United States sends an aircraft carrier would be fifty two bombers on it to the straits of four move. You should know that support Moser twenty one mile wide waterway through that waterway travel Saudi Arabian ships oil tankers, and it's a very narrow area relatively and these tankers were pantley bound for the United States, and they were attacked, and we have said at any attack by any Iran or any of its surrogates is basically an attack on the United States that you get to the question of why would Iran be doing this? I mean, the only thing I see them gaining is in their population. They're very nationalistic. So they could basically say no matter what we hate the mullah's. But we'll still be with them. If it's our country that's at risk. But I mean, why why would they be doing this? The Iran and his his political law kind of like the bully in the schoolyard, only to try and do whatever they can do and they're going to try to get as much attention, and they try to get a psychological, edge and intimidate the other countries of the free world such as the United States such as Israel. So it's Saudi Arabia, which is an ally of the United States, not a member of the free world, but it is in the United States, and they're going to try and intimidate the United States attacking the allies of the United States. That's what they seem to be doing here. The question I have those. I mean, you look at it ran and they support from us, and they vomit jihad terrorists all over the place in Gaza specifically. So I mean, why is this unusual? You know that Iran is being obviously a country that is looking for trouble. Clearly, clearly, let's not forget that his below toes who are the most powerful subtle good in southern Lebanon. And central ebanon as well and using that as a base to attack Israel, but you have to understand that they're going to continue to do it anyhow, and that the stationing of the American aircraft carrier in the b fifty two bombers in the states for moves were an escalation, and the American government doesn't do things. Like that for no reason, it was clear that they will warnings. And the defense department and secretary pump peyot day, they all insisted that this was what's needed national skirt advisor on both in. They all felt that there is an Escalade that the United States had to respond to the United States has to take a stand and make it clear that the United States will not be pushed around and this is a clue situation where this has happened. At a Ryan is trying to show that they're not going to be intimidated. It's a bit of a standoff here. David rubin. Former mayor of Shiloh Israel and his new book from and the Jews David thanks.

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