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In story. Elisa's children okay. And they're both yes very much. So and they're doing in telemedicine is not. I mean this is. They're working on the driverless car and the crazy thing about it is is going to reduce human era. All of this is can reduce human error. If theory is true if it all plays out data in is as good as you know. Data out is as good as daddy in so you gotta make sure you train it right but it it's supposed to. You have a driverless court spiced reduced accident rates by ninety nine percent because a car can actually see things. The human person won't curious if a computer was asked and had the right algorithms. Should an employer require that all of their staff be vaccinated. I'm wondering what a computer with you know. I think they would look at all the evidence and you know what i'm saying. This is a tough one where humans are making decisions that are affecting other humans. we'd be vaccinated before we can work it. Should we be vaccinated if we're healthcare provider. It's hard you know in somebody with history of game syndrome. They can't get vaccinated. I was able to get this vaccination because it didn't have. I took them the pfizer. But you know there are medical conditions that briefly from getting vaccinated. And it's not that you don't want to be vaccinated. It's that you have a situation that won't allow you but There's a lot it's a complex area and it'll it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. We can just get certain percentage. You think that'll get on the way to hurt. Immunity think you need about seventy to eighty percent. Yeah knotty dell who see what a pleasure and i know we probably could go on. We could do another tier or three shows. Maybe we'll have to. Because i know there's things we didn't even touch on but thank you for making time and jones walker for for making this possible. I'm very grateful to all of you. And i'm grateful to our listeners. This is how we can learn what's going on in our community and beyond so thank you for listening and our show is made possible by our sponsors. besides john. john's walk on this interview. We wanna thank iberia bank now. A part of i horizon ochsner. Lafayette general and of course raider and jason sikora mixes tag. Thank you for making a cell professional. This is jan swept on behalf schola- lafayette's thank you..

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