FBI, Kenneth Moton, America discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Seventeen the ongoing russia investigation and the fbi abc news is kenneth moton is in west palm beach president trump today spotted on his trump international golf course through the trees in his signature red make america great again hat on christmas the president said he'd be back at work today he's also back on twitter responding to a fox news report about that now infamous dossier alleging links between the trump campaign and russia dossiers we have long known as bogus the president tweeting wow dossier is bogus clinton campaign dnc funded dossier epi i cannot after all this time verify claims and darcy of russia trump collusion fbi tainted the most salacious parts of the dossier have not been corroborated and it's unclear what role of any it has played in the fbi's broader russia investigation who weeks the president has been attacking the fbi here amara lago president trump also taking aim at fbi deputy director andrew mccabe accusing him of bias during the hillary clinton email investigation after an ally of clinton's donated to mccabe weiss political campaign at the time mccabe consulted fbi ethics officials about the donation the president asking on twitter how mccabe could be quote given seven hundred thousand dollars for wife's campaign by clinton puppets the administration defending the president's attacks on fbi leadership he's making the point that we need to make sure there so biased i think they're serious concerns about whether or not there was or was not so this is the bill right here and we're very proud of it trump still riding high after signing the gop tax bill into law now onto infrastructure the border wall in healthcare tweeting democrats and republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new healthcare plan tonight the president reaching a new milestone he spent more than one hundred days this year at one of his properties that's nearly a third of.

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