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And what they care about. I can't wait to use my new language skills in the real world Does services was battle get conversational in Spanish, French, German and more. It just extended 15 minutes a day. Now try babble free. Just go to babble dot com and start learning a new language. Today. That's babble dot com b A b b e l dot com. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Gun makers are seeing record sales as the Corona virus, pandemic protests and the presidential election create an environment of uncertainty. It's impossible for us to be able to get me far arms. Now. Phil Howarth is owner of the Goose Hammock chain of gun shops, he says. People are mostly buying small, easy to carry handguns, and he's seeing more women buying than ever. Concern custom is how they get far on licence quickly. Police Department They're backed up incredibly trying to process for arms firearm background checks compiled by the F B. I jumped to a record in June after surging since March. The boom is lifting the shares of gunmakers, Smith and Wesson and stir Ruger after four mostly lead years for investors and moss to Bloomberg Radio. Enjoy. New Jersey Institute of Technology makes Innovation Happen. University helped biomedical engineering Professor Terra Alvarez launch a startup that may revolutionize vision therapy. Our start up through and J T is called ocular motor Technology and Way create virtual reality vision therapy in a head mounted display, so it's gaming and basically sugar coating the therapy. So that Children and young adolescents don't even realize they're doing therapy to accomplish this. We need biomedical engineers, which air here on campus computer scientists, artists, people that were into story development. And then we're collaborating with a lot of the large pediatric medical centers. This idea of a startup culture is extremely important to not just N. J T. And the National Science Foundation, but also to the U. S. As a societal hole and J T New Jersey Institute of Technology. Learnmore NJ dot edu As the questions involved, I don't know if I can sort it out. So do the answers. Can Nancy Pelosi afford to let it go to zero? David.

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