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Tactics major. Gabriel Brown Along with his team leader master, chief Brit Sliwinski Live from the. White House East Room thank you thank you all and we also remember the six others who along, with John gave their, lives on, that snowy really really cold Afghan night petty officer fresh last Neil, Roberts specialists Mark Anderson Sergeant Bradley crows senior. Airman Jason Cunningham technical sergeant Philip switchback and corporal Matthew Commons our nation is rich with. Blessings but. Our greatest blessings. Of all are the patriots like John and all of you that just and frankly many of the, people in this room, my exclude, myself and a few of, the politicians Cool. I John carry our freedom, on their shoulders March. Into, the face, of evil. And fight. To. The very last breath so that, we can live, in freedom, and safety and peace. Now it is my privilege to, ask Valarie join me on stage to accept the congressional medal of honor on behalf of the hero she loved and the hero our nation will. Forever remember technical sergeant John Chapman thank you please Please. Founder thank. You The military aid please come forward. And read, the. Citation. Thank you The president of. The United States of America has awarded in, the name of, congress the medal of honor posthumously to technical sergeant John H Chapman United States Air Force for conspicuous gallantry and Intrepidity, at the risk. Of life above and beyond the call. Of duty Technical sergeant John Chapman distinguished himself by extrordinary heroism as an air, force special, tactics combat controller attached to a navy see, Aaron land seal team conducting reconnaissance operations in Takur Ghar Afghanistan on March fourth two thousand two during insertion the team's helicopter. Was ambushed causing a teammate to fall into an entrenched group of enemy combatants pillow sergeant Chapman and the team voluntarily, reinserted onto the snow capped mountain into the heart, of a known enemy stronghold to rescue one of, their own without regard for his own safety sergeant Chapman immediately engaged moving in, the direction of. The, closest enemy position despite coming under heavy fire from multiple directions he fearlessly charged an. Enemy bunker up a steep incline in deep, snow and into, hostile fire directly engaging the enemy upon reaching the bunker sergeant Chapman assaulted and cleared the position killing all enemy occupant It's with complete disregard for his own life sergeant Chapman deliberately moved, from cover only twelve meters. From the enemy and exposed himself once again to attack a second bunker from.

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