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And then after boston then for me disney twenty twenty three in it ramps up to whatever the next race is so i need that next goal and that goal can be a year or in two years away but i need that out in order to keep me running otherwise i just won't do it and i know i know that that's not the i it's just really honest. Really i think is what it is because i think a lot of us feeling like that but that's what i personally need to get going right now. A hundred percent agree while as we wrap this up. Can we just do some rapid fire questions. Oh absolutely okay here. We go number one question. I ask everybody. Have you ever participated in a run disney event. We've covered this in this conversation. You said you wanna do the disney marathon weekend. What race are you looking to do. Are you looking go. Full force into the dopey. Are you looking to marathon. The half so originally. I said i was gonna do the marathon. i've been told by one of my running crew friends. Melissa that i have to do the don't be. I don't have an option so we'll see. It seems really daunting to me. But we'll see what happens when it comes to registration now. Did your friend. Melissa tell you about wakeup times. And shuttle times. And all of that. She mentioned a little bit of it. But i heard it on your podcast. It's it doesn't really faze me. I have an eight month old baby. I don't sleep much anyway. So doesn't then. Yeah you're ready for this. What is your favourite piece of blue that you own. Oh that's such a hard question. I would say. My favorite piece is my reflective hat from twenty seventeen for a few reasons so a they only made a handful of them. They're really hard to find. B it came to me in a very special way. It actually came to me through eric. Lewis and through my friend and kaufman. She's a running friend. That i've gotten closer with over the years and she happen have an extra one she you know. She sold it to me. She didn't gouge me on price She sold it to me for like a really really great price. Knowing how badly. I wanted it. That was the year i went where i had nolan. Mike with me..

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