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That's a lot of memories and that also means <hes> the n._f._l. Didn't come calling after for three right which is important. <hes> and third is his name as junky. Which is <hes> fun to second. It's if he's just like charles occasion keaton yeah it's not it's not as good charlie keaton right right <hes> yeah. It's fair to say that the couch is the most important written part of the college football t._v. Watchers home right yes because the couches where your foot goes people are probably thinking what about the the roof and the ceiling doesn't go there. I'm from west virginia. You don't need a roof to watch football. You need a couch if you if you can get a roof too great but you gotta start with the couch and you might as well start with the borough couch. Let me tell you why these suckers naturally scratch and stain resistant. If you have an animal in your house and an animal i mean a spencer hall. I was gonna say they have sturdy hardwood frames. You don't need at some cheapo couch. That's gonna get destroyed when he plops down on it. No do i have to cover my current couch with blankets like some kind of poor person who's ashamed of their furniture. When spencer comes over where to watch games yes. I do what i prefer not to do that. We'll sure but i don't have staff scratching stain-resistant fabric do i. They even have soft nontoxic foam cushions which is important because we'll spencer accidentally eat a couch cushion he might yeah we'll eat anything like a goat spencer pouched russia and now they're offering them in leather as well if you want if you want to go that route spencer does not deserve leather but you can offer that to them if you want and there's a built in usb charger because you know it. Spencer never has a way to charges phone. Wait what like in the way like an arm rest like in the couch yeah. This is not a a bit. I've never seen a couch with a u._s._b..

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