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Caroline Hudson. And our topic today is stress and weight gain as a caregiver, but before we jump back into that topic. I want to talk a little bit more about the ADHD seminar. That's coming up here. The end of September that Caroline mentioned on the other side of the break. This is such a great seminar. So many of your questions, we'll get answered if you have a child with ADHD or maybe you yourself are struggling with ADHD. I can tell you one of the many questions that I hear repeated often at this seminar from the attendees is can sugar increase my child's ADHD symptoms. Well, as dietitians, and nutritionists we can tell you that from clinical experience that yes, it can definitely increase those ADHD symptoms. But I also wanna share the research. With you. There was a study conducted at the university of South Carolina that found the more sugar that child consumed the more, hyper active and restlessly became. There's also a study I have here from Yale which found that high sugar diets made kids who already struggled with attention struggle, even more at nutritional weight and wellness. We believe that a real food diet is critical for anyone of any age experiencing ADHD symptoms. So whether you're young or middle aged or older food makes a difference and this upcoming seminar, again is called the food connection to ADD ADHD are teachers are as always JoAnne and Angela and we choose to have them teach the seminar because they both have children with ADD or ADHD and they do a great job sharing. What foods support their children's brain? In chemistry, and they'll also talk about what foods interfere with positive brain function..

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