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I just want to thank my agent kevin you've and and god harvey weinstein the punisher old tests testament i guess a merrill strip there at the 2012 golden globes on harvey calling him god they all loved them then now they hate him okay what a world were living in right still confusion out of vegas a thousand leads later still stumped and yet there's a new story the god was shot before the massacre he tried to alert the hotel and they did nothing you'd story covered up fires in the wine country fires it's an inferno it looks like vietnam it looks like us a picture out of the six these with carpet bombing it's still raging fifteen that two hundred missing it doesn't end and now we have another story james o'keefe a true investigative journalist as opposed to the fake online took a hidden camera hidden microphone and camera and interviewed some guy for the new york times a top editor and what he caught on a hidden camera is astonishing it confirms everything you've ever feared about the bias of the new york times and the liberal press it is the american pravda before jim o'keefe joins us on the show is standing by you got gotta listen to this he's talking to a guy at the times a really top editor who says his voice and his imprint is on every video that he does his name is due to dhc let's euro six please so the game caper but like videos on aaron times do you get the like make show that can make sure your method is harry like my voice over.

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