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I. No. No, that's not his fault at this point. The sword. Fault. Also records indicate that his license has been expired continuously since February eleventh nineteen hundred and ninety nine so he should not be driving the last century. Yeah. He's also got currently forty one warrants out for his arrest. And when he was presented with the fact that when he was questioned about not having his documentations, documentation, he said the officer. I did six months for the last time. You guys got me. So he doesn't seem the least. Remorseful about what he's done. How would you like to say, I don't think you should be able to get three hundred and forty license suspensions. I feel like now we're just never giving you one. No. And you know, no, you don't get to drive. No. So take the bus and move along or get an Uber. I kinda marvel at that kind of I don't even know what the word is for that. Like a person who literally does not even recognize consequences. At all now to your earlier point about. It's not just his fault at this point. According to deputy police chief Archie Hamilton and his entire police career, heat only come across a handful of drivers who had more than one hundred suspension. Oh my gosh. Okay. Wait a minute. That's crazy. I had never seen anyone with over three hundred. That means you've seen somebody with three hundred. It also means that you've seen apparently several people with over one hundred hundred how does that happen that sounds so exhausting? It. Does sounds like at some point you go. Or you know, what you do? Here's your driver's license. Right. Because you're clearly going to drive anyway. Well, yeah. Also, like, I mean, I if I'm being perfectly honest like I've been driving for a lot of years now. And I've only been pulled over twice to two times. Like, I've I'm that. A hundred views seem that somebody is got. Hundred over one hundred three hundred forty that's a lot of being pulled over. Yeah. I know that what I didn't make a lot of sense. But in my head that was remarkably hundred and forty with three hundred eighty current suspensions forty five active warrants for his arrest. What a hassle once again, it was not as poor driving the cause him to get pulled over. But an issue with his vehicle. I mean, the apparent again, this is just become a what eighteen nineteen year journey. Somebody's doing something wrong. It's either the state system. I mean, Mr. Michigan should be met Hamilton. Thank you. All right. Let's go to Buffalo New York K. This is where we're gonna meet David drat. She's twenty three he took a little drive into Canada. And he picked up some things while he was in Canada. Okay. So there's some stuff that's legal now in Canada, the we. Yeah. And so he thought I'm just going to get some of that stuff and then come back into I'm gonna come back from Canada. And so he drove across the piece Bridgeport eventually on October twenty fifth and he had some of that stuff they've gotten in Canada in his car, and he was referred to a secondary inspection and a canine search resulted in an alert to a trained odor in the glove compartment area of his car. And that's where they found six envelopes contained marijuana to of marijuana resin for additional packages containing teach infused gummy worms and a piece of paper with an address and a phone number written on it. The number the address in number linked to the internet address from a dispensary that you can find on a website called we'd maps. So clearly, it told the authorities exactly where he had purchased all of these things. But what makes it even more crazy stupid stupid idiot? Eric is the fact that they also confiscated his phone, and they looked through his phone, and they saw that he was texting his buddies while they were conducting the search and one of the texts. Most to his friend that said L O L, bro. Had one hundred milligrams edible, and I just got stopped by customs. And now, we're asking me so much believe. Seems appropriate as high as a kite. He's got a bunch of stuff drugs in his car. He's texting his friend about it while they're busting him for the drugs. Yes. I feel like that's going to happen. A lot now. In a lot of states including Minnesota that border because border. Yeah. Now when we come back. It is time to play the throwback live too. To forty five. We'll do just that after this on mytalk one zero seven one. Hey production Dirac. Oh, yes. Director of podcasting.

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