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How can I hear you use in a sentence okay yes yes we can let's see you know what's the best way to do this I wanted to I don't know if it's going to be aggressive this or have to be violence involved well that's why yeah that just like the Hey stop what you're doing kinda like we need to we need to decide how we will are part of a procedure here all right I came into work this morning hall in the night cleaner had parked in my space Rufus I got here yeah it does I do it right you want to Kerry that's absolutely perfect I just quit did not realistically because Tom Latham Hollywood you know I will I came in this morning I was walking by one of the towers I get it Tom yelled at me Reno get off the tower that's a good one now I want to carry it very good I'm I'm gonna run or I'm gonna write that my book at all okay what I'll write time if chick he told you to hop off we'll be telling you to do it is that is that might get off my back that was that a short form of there we're in the right for us to get out on the rear or deer wandering around in the red for get out of my face still on the right for us and it doesn't mean during a and he he needs to catch up to during our during a vigorous our our conversation argument of some sort woods it this this is change the topic drop it you know how to back off but that remains hop off oh wait a yet kind of Christie's really close backing off back off in your tone but somebody they should do what hop off no no step off means get away from me the best apple step off on doing the home mind your business yeah back mind your business gotcha our critic Christie can use hop off in a sentence yeah Tom you need to quit looking at my Facebook you to hop off my face but isn't your business well I can't that's not it I've never been on Facebook that doesn't apply use of a how about you guys is something like Hey when it comes to the outfits that I wear a hop off you hop off yeah I think a lot of static about what I wore in this week I know better but whatever and we're that stupid scar no one could pull that scarf off I could George Carlin George Clayton would wear that scar but somebody go Hey George that's a little much that's not with the little has anybody ever said that to George George wash your hair well okay we got one more all right we have one more than the word of the week Josh if you turn to Christy said nice door knockers what would you be saying her I'm gonna be complimenting her earrings the damage that is one hundred percent correct how do you know the Josh is cool you know Josh temples in a lot of world he knows this to five everything will prepare door knockers for top of the line they literally do look like door knocker yeah yeah always that were a so there's an actual Brando I like a type of style I used to wear them a lot and I mean that a thicker hoop now well they could be anything anything really big allergies large you show your hipness L. when you're on a stick in the hardware when you're in a dinner date do you say please pass the Pat Papa I do not know what the date but I.

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