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You right now all of a sudden someone has ammonia you can't remember anything much of all young lady say that I'm about five minutes away hold my exactly man leaving out a lot of people in my house these people good how obvious someone has a smoke today I can't even grow one plant do you still have those many hot dogs how you do those peas in a blanket because you know once you start cutting is down we may not be smoking but we could still smell when I get to the back door you don't have a gold I didn't want to P. Jeannie and we see that page you're flying into the house I need you to come and make your writing all right I'm on my way do you want the neighbors to your audience good you're talking about he was able to find him right there you'll make you think he makes it is going down DJ Vick one upping everyone what we got going on let's get this Monday call like this man we're going to that does a cat hi good to see that I got the Meghan the stallion fiance savage the remix both coming up in this make you think you mix let's make it happen maybe boys neighborhood many displeasure with this that is one forget I'm with sprays this already with thank you to modify the so but does it bring it back thank the Chinese on the side in a way I could tell the man.

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