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Ios six am in a friday morning happy friday everybody is you're driving the worker maybe bringing the kiddos to school i hope you're smiling i hope you had a great night's sleep wolfgang winters in the studio producing today on monday and tuesday wednesday offer guinevere rerun and then thursday rick miller ken's back just heard from dr samuel body if you just tuned in and you can go to the ad nice center to get more information from him also capstone clinic is one of our sponsors we have a lot of healthcare midnight sending college god forbid you have cancer a loved one does make sure you get a referral to midnight sun ecology the only doctors remember cancer there's what surgery radiation and then there's the chemo therapeutic regimens you gotta suffer through and sometimes they can make it not suffer and they can try to adjust and do such that's what midnight sun does the only chemo therapy regimen dispensed out here in the valley that i'm more a kind of like doctor is the only endo kronos endocrinologist in diabetes specialist certified specialist in the valley midnight senator college jose suarez and larry lawson both md's are the only chemo the only oncologists that do chemotherapy in the valley so we're very blessed are we not dr about ad nice center midnight seven college capstone big deal i think that's the a huge deal patches that they believe enough in the show to to sponsor and advertise it away am wolfgang winter all right we'll take a break we've got some news for you and then there's more show it's bill and wendy on wgn.

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