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Do with Hamilton at Mercedes, often beat him because they're both incredibly fast racing drivers, but the difference was they couldn't keep up with the race pace and the tire management and there's not been a lot of evidence the last two races for science in terms of what we'd be able to do stay with Claire. But in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, that was the difference he was quite far back from its teammate by the end of the race despite having pushed him very hard in qualifying. How are you feeling about sprint weekend Jess after experiencing the first one? We are allowed to call it a race finally, Ross Braun finally came out and said we could play. Have we had the decision from on high? God. Honestly, the amount of mental I mean, everyone's gonna probably come at me 'cause to say how stupid, but the amount of mental capacity I used to have to push to not say race and just say sprint. But you do feel like you're like, there's a word missing here. Sprint what? What does that even mean? The style guide, I believe, we just were like, it is literally a race, therefore, we're going to just look at. Sorry, F one. There is a start. There is a grid. There are some lights they go out. There are the FIA told us. It's a CFI that was like it's qualifying. And it's nice. It's a race. We're just going to write race because it's a race. The interesting thing is that a lot of listeners might not understand, obviously, there is a range of brilliant podcasts and outlets and blogs and things. And if you are auto sport and we've been around for 70 plus years and you say something that somebody doesn't often like, then the decision comes from on high, and we hear about it. If you're doing a bedroom blog or a podcast or whatever is brilliant as they are, they probably don't get the same phone calls that we get because we're trying to keep everyone happy. Anyway, so I think it was a brilliant, a brilliant weekend of racing. Who says you can't overtake at imola because there are some I thought some fantastic moments. This is like the first kind of challenging circuit where we know overtaking is super difficult. So it was going to be the first time that we could see if actually the new regs were going to make a difference. And in the sprint, you would say, yes, and I think in the race you could still say, yes, there's been an improvement, but as we saw, I mean, I did find it really funny that during the sprint, everybody was saying, oh, DRS is way too powerful around him alert. We need to kind of scale it back or maybe get rid of it. And then those same people were manically demanding that DRS be enabled during the race. But again, it's because they're two completely different beasts, yes, okay, they're both races now. But you have different levels of tyre deg and different levels of strategy and the gapping in the field changes. So you don't have that same, it's just a mad dash to the finish line and do 21 laps. It's we're playing the long game here and obviously there was today there was obviously the weather that also became a factor. So the strategists are coming on and saying, it's going to rain. It's going to rain and then it never did. And then it started to drizzle at the end. So there's so many different factors that mean that actually it's probably not fair to compare the entertainment level of the sprint versus the entertainment of today. Now, in the grand scheme of recent, I know we haven't got many recent races to go by. It was okay. Around imola, I was I'll take it, but we still had DRS trains. We still had struggling to pass. I'm sure we're going to get onto it, but Lewis Hamilton was stuck behind Pierre gasly. So there are still, it's not perfect, but it's a damn site better. I think the FIA and F one can be pleased with the impact that the new regs have had. In creating a bit more entertainment around a track like Emma, where it is typically difficult. But the jury is still out. I can't decide if I like sprint race weekends or not. They tend to add obviously to the drama. And we tend to have quite dramatic races off the back, whether or not that's you can directly say that's because of the sprints I'm not sure. I can't decide, but I also don't know, where when do we decide if they're good or not? Because we're running them for three races this year. The idea is to then multiply that next year. But I am a bit of a purist in the sense that I don't like gimmicky elements added to Formula One and having them only for a few circuits. It gives me that gimmicky feel. But the alternative is to either have them at every race, which fans might not like, they might not work. It might fall a bit flat. I can't decide if I like them. And I think the addition of The Rain and the weather factors today kind of doesn't allow us to maybe judge fairly, whether or not the sprint was a good thing or not a good thing. I'm very similar to you, Jess. I think there's just so many elements of it that I don't like, but it is actually quite good, which makes no sense. But anyway, I'm saying this is a no sense. Some would say it's like that. Anyway, my thing that I really hate with the sprint is that they award points for it. I think that's totally ridiculous. If the whole point is to set the grid, thank you for it for it. And especially if that was the case last year, I wrote my caller about it for the magazine and I'll just put dot com plus last week. It just really, really annoys me because there is already a sporting reward for gaining places in that spring race. And that's your spot on the grid. It doesn't need to award points for it. Anyway, for that column, I went back and looked at the three from last year and was like, well, what did the spoon have for an impact on the outcome of the Grand Prix? It definitely did its Silverstone. It definitely did at Monaco. It was less of an impact at Brazil because that was just all about Louis Hamilton and coming back and he had such a car performance and an engine performance difference over everybody else. Here, again, because of the weather, as you said, Jess, I don't think you can say the sprint made any impact at all on the outcome of the Grand Prix. Yes, some drivers were a few spots higher up, but leclerc losing second place off the line going out to fourth. That was all to do with the weather. Nothing to do with what happened in the sprint..

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