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Rush Limbaugh here. Let's talk tomorrow at noon on six ten WTVN. It is over the line on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Joe Jewett jackdaw surfer. Joe Scott in with us tonight. Oh, Jack and assault assault from Bridgeport, Connecticut. This comes from a man police say placed a three foot alligator on top of another man is part of an extortion attempt and has pled guilty to reduced charges. Put an alligator on top of someone as as a as part of extortion. I don't even understand how that works a guy like laying down was this was he drunk passed out in a bar. Let me continue with what I've got the Connecticut post as they do reports that thirty year old is is as Garcia of garland, Texas entered a plea of guilty to unlawful restraint. So when you put an alligator on somebody that's just you can plead down to unlawful restraint he originally faced kidnapping, assault and larceny charges in. What police say was one of the strangest cases they have ever investigated. Really? Okay. They sit at twenty one year old man called his aunt in April to say he had been kidnapped and his abductor was demanding eight hundred dollars. Eight hundred bucks they received a photograph. The police did of the man who called so I've been kidnapped face down in a bathtub with an open mouth alligator on top of him. The leader arrested him at the Shelton hotel faces one year in prison March fifteen so he kidnapped a man who they did not name put an alligator on him in a bathtub and then demanded eight hundred dollars. Wow. All my one of my first thoughts would isn't he pled that down from kidnapping assault and larceny to just unlawful restraint. I thought was about alligators in Connecticut. Well, it wile crocodile in New York. City. Yeah. Okay. A quick search for alligators in Connecticut. Brought me back from website code called coastal Connecticut dot com, a list of alligators safety tips. Okay. Would you like you know, what they are? In case you ever case I ever get abducted hundred. Eight hundred bucks. Well, first of all pay attention to warning signs and heed the advice that they give. So if you see a sign this has, hey, look after alligators you better believe, it pay attention pay attention to it. It says keep pet dogs and cats out of the water, especially do not swim with your dog in alligator that intends to sample your dog may change its mind and try a bigger piece of the pie. No. According to the story of the guy who brought the who had the alligator was from Texas. Texas alligator brought his own alligators. Of course, a pet. I don't know. When fishing or camping around alligators dispose of fish scraps. And other items at alligators may consume. Cheetos and if you're bitten even slightly. Oh, I never thought about it. Seek medical attention. What have never thought to ward off infection? Oh, you don't need a doctor for the check it off. But some third. A little back teen. Very for you. From coastal Connecticut dot com. Thanks that. Well, regardless a man was kidnapped. He was putting a bathtub so we put an alligator on top of and said gimme eight hundred bucks or else. This is going to continue to happen. He's.

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