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That's for the fan to decide people you call up to the show. You better be ready. Which is about to do sitting there trying to spell your name and all of this other stuff. It's not just show it spike show. We'll give you that opportunity to speak to him on. Don't call a p unless you got the question here from Matthew Samson. What movie would you like to see a sequel to that doesn't have one inception doing? I can't see the other way now. Why did you even bring out inception to is definitely move like the sea but in real life if you look at it you think it's the same thing or just because I think they've the we we did all this five years ago? This is still coming up now. I should have brought this up really mean talking back. They did the photo shop where they. What movie do you WanNa see a fucking sequel to movie? Would you say inception? That's a good choice. He's always talked about it. Yeah that'd be definitely interesting. I like to see like inception. But it's a horror movie and he's he's like he's back with his kids but he takes on jobs and it's like Oh this woman's possessed but he's like no people are just trying to steal secrets. I think the other guys. It'd be a good now. The Nice guys. I both why not stop at one. the GOSLING. I always confuse those sale But I think people that's something people been talking about for a while. They WanNa see that movie and the first one is fucking amazing. I wouldn't mind us us to. Oh Yeah yeah definitely or get out to us to that actually know knock it out to. I don't want the American wash it. That'd be crazy us me. Actually you know what I kind of love the ending of us. Maybe a prequel. Actually I don't want to explain that because I don't WanNA think about how off make sense. I was one of those people like. Don't think about it. You don't know more. Just keep it as it. Is this question here from Dennis? Quelch I wanted your take. Hey guys really into channel. Thanks Dennis I wanted your take on. Better call souls it starts. Its second to last season like you. I was a big fan of breaking bad. It was intrigued when they spun off. Better Call Saul but I kept my expectations. Low through four seasons now on fascinated by Jimmy MacGill's moral descent into Saul Goodman and find his character just as fascinating as Walter white thoughts. I feel the exact same way but I haven't watched it yet because I started watching it and then I miss a season so I fell behind. Now I'm just going to wait until it's done and been watched the whole thing but oh here's good things about I think yeah I think Jimmy McGill has surpassed Walter White terms of the complexity as a carrier. Yeah the what they've gone into Jimmy. It's it's fascinating man to see how natural his dissent has been into Seoul Goldman because coming into it. That's what I thought it was going to be Saul Goodman all the way then it was gonna be more comedic but now it's it's it's a bit more serious. It's a bit more dramatic and yes. I'm getting so annoyed seeing like previews and let let little skits on the Internet better call soul and scenic where they are but meet not knowing where they are and how they got there. I think after season for its invented itself. It's on the same level as breaking bad. You can debate which one is better. But it's it's in it's in the conversation without a doubt I want just catch up. I watched the first few seasons. Organza season two then. I stopped for a while so five to go back. I watch everything so I might do that. After the season it's worth yeah it's really worth. There's so many in breaking bad where you think. Wow you know must have taken a lot to do that and it's like better call. Saul. It's like yeah. Here's here's how we about it again. this questionnaire from Michael Williams nerd Soup Homeland Superman Hulk free-for-all who's walking out alive superman. Yes Superman toasting hulk. I think both of them are just flick homeland or out of the way. Let's just do well if all minor is superman. I'm just saying if that's never seen him at his full power but if he's supposed to be same thing superman but evil I duNno. That's Kinda like Zeid. Then right but yeah. Hulk has no chance in John Lewis. Yeah that's what I'm saying. This question here for Hussein. Hey soupy boys that my question is what is your most unpopular game of thrones theory. I mean opinion. Most unpopular game of thrones opinion. I would say that episode three in season eight was a good episode that seems to be unpopular and one that I still believe. Yeah I mean I guess. Both our views of season eight are pretty pretty unpopular. Even we don't love it but I don't think it's that don't want me with that. Don't our views of season eight pick one? No I'm saying that's saying in general season eight not that bad most people will. I consider that to be unpopular on. Did you reward no gorgeous? Ethanol hate it but I hate myself you. He's unpopular now but I guess the sides that like like you're likely doorns storyline. I love us. Well there you go. That's the Muslims. That's very unpopular. I don't know I'm waiting for something to get me back into that some Checked out on everything. That's game of thrones right now I just Kinda want either the Prequel of the book to come out so I can get back into the world and be happy about it all right question here from Chris. Korea guys rewatch no country for old men the other day it still to me one of the greatest movies ever and would say it's tough movie of that decade end is Anton the psych psychopathic and feared movie. Villain ever Yes yes yes yes yes I mean. He's one of the best savvier boredom as character. He's so good. The scene in the gas station always makes me squirm easily one of the top five movies of that decade. Definitely on one of the two thousand eight was eight thousand seven six thousand or two thousand seven now house a great year to what there will be blood Anton Anton Anton. That might be their best movie. The Collins Yeah Hatch. It's the Least Cohen's brother movie in terms of the comedy so God Damned Arkansas. Serious and well acted. It's it's great. That goes into goes into like a a directing group. I always think about that two months. We'll know it's like What did we go by? They go by the Coen brothers through the Russo's which askes Sir brothers are they They're the Roussos the Russo brothers. The Cohen's Cohen Brothers Lord and Miller does happen to have two good names floating. Yeah perfect QIAN PEEL COMEDIC. Well directing what if it was like? I don't know well. Safdie brothers on twitter just go is like saftey. It's just all capital. Saf SAFTEY brothers. I feel like I just want to call them We get that ghost one by Saffy best films of all time to these definitely up there. You have people like Darth Vader Heath Ledger. Joker I duNno probably way. He's fucking terrifying in that movie. Just as weaponry. He's great. I mean who'd think the habit that thing for cattle? Yeah what the fuck. I love the day when he pops people. It's a good choice. I'm a big noise. Guy This questionnaire from amy at book. She geeks going to twitter questions. Which comedy movie do you think is highly overrated Every Adam Sandler classic for me and I think that's an unpopular opinion talking like goodfellas so people are like the happy Gilmore's and stuff like that. Yeah that's the argument. It's like he sucks but remember the classics my Did you see those in European? Yes then he didn't find him funny. No I think as a kid I was like. Oh this is funny you know Adam Sandlers Fun guy and I always saw every Adam Sandler movie but I think as I got older I started to realize I'm only watching them because everyone else seems to like them but it was. It was a moment in high school will be put on Billy Madison. It was like a group of us and I was like holy fought. This is not funny like when he says Jackpot when he gets the hot teacher. All the on the ground with all of that and I was like. Where's the joke? It's the way he says. Yeah it's the voice. Any you guys got any comedy like. Your missiles towers. I don't know why people are so fucking funny. Now you're talking about So fucking funny those who are so stupid and so funny. I'm mini-me Michael. Caine as his dad. Just the casting movie and beyond say as Foxy Cleopatra was the best part in that movie is so fucking funny upon about them saying things that are could be with somebody like if you have you guys are. I could group of our sense of humor. Yeah you can't watch it alone. You're bit you're what are what are some stiff. Yeah you're fucking tree. I'm stiff fucking grew to over here looking plank from at comedy's comedy's comedy's there's some movies you watch but like. Oh my God so funny and you watch it and you probably like Oh. This probably could be funny but I'm alone at home. I got home watching a movie. And Kinda how I feel about Austin powers ultimate test. You're alone and something makes you laugh like wall. This is funny. You know what was really funny. I was Elf and now I still laugh your narrative but it's not as funny as it was. I saw Mustang. It's over region. I'm just interested statement. You say Christmas. I love Christmas love. You know hate self. Who really doesn't like Health Nash? Yeah he would so against. He's like no other comedians. Laugh at him for doing that movie. How does she know that gives us insight? I love that movie. I think it's delightful. It's fucking two kids movie. It's a kid's Christmas that also adults like and it's funny this year from Zoe ads. Zadie home make fun of him. When are we having the nerd suit? Monopoly livestream while can we do all? I'm down to do it tonight. He's get. I'll get to talk to these guys doing tonight. I figured off from work. There's no way errands finishing fourth in front of all those people. How do we livestream monopoly online? I could record it. The build. Some sort of device that connects to some sort of other device. I can't harboring Nash Shrinks. I'll do it. I can record it on the On the Ogata. Yeah. Yeah no we cannot just put it up. He luxury more. We could do a pre taped he. I'm usually recorded. How ridiculous was he the other day? Okay let's not bothered me. He was really pissing me. I just didn't want them on because as you saw coming at me. Yeah me upset. Really WanNa make a trade Nash. She's like yeah but I'm GonNa take all your all your money the guy and he's like I'm not GonNa Trade for him the whole game so fucking freaking out and he cares. People need to hear this. He wanted Blues Railroads and all. Yeah all right speaking of Nash. What this question. From Wayward Stranger. What adult film stars would you want to marry?.

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