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Very well. That's pretty funny okay. Well let's deliberate shall we. Let's let's let's just go hotter of potatoes. Okay let's review the first count. Is the jet ski. He's causing a landslide. The dude screams stop. They still do it. I mean even the let me ask you something as a dish. Let me ask you question. Hypothetically is it do she to just do it once. Like let's say that he didn't cause a landslide get mad due to do it in that perfect vacuum. It's indu she. But forgivable right it's the fact that he caused a landslide and did it again. That really puts him in the calling. Them jealous on twitter. Right right right saying telling him to stay in their lane or something onto the second point. The headband stealing a although a n. Does raise a good point that i probably can't rule without a doubt i would sell you. This is my courtroom and fuck you'd in the procedures right. Hey come on. I need that clout bill boy. He's probably gonna be pissed video knowing. How defensive take me some of that club bill by anyway. Did he rip i don. I wouldn't say he ripped off. The guys design clearly is designs are different. But he was heavily he basically stole the guy's whole business model. I then told him and then made.

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