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Really they want to opt other now uh each ordered the bridge i'm a i'm a goahead throughout the elephant in the room all right because i know you get asked about this behind the scenes all the time what can you tell us about tree agency will abhran james in uh do you guys even have a game plan as far as how you go about at this time around now we are after to diagnose whether enough arm i know my role what my role is is now with my job is to do as the agent uh applying have had the job do right now and that's that's focused on china with one another championship his plan at an unbelievable level right now uh obviously you know as the season is however the into no extra time we'll get together and we'll go over things would find to call them and and all options will be evaluated but right now you know no far away from that uh and you know run pretty smart guy uh he's awesome professional show no at at at the right time whenever that time these you know we'll decide what's going to do what no it could be a twominute conversation in it could be a threeday holiday shadow i don't really know i now rich you bought you bought a home in la man has a whole manila the braga two holes in la well what what does though that i think that we could i think that it was four.

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