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Cb so many blackened is our is our literally a canister extra here he's the ceo of cannibus corporation united canada start us's their website stock simple see in a b we have him on the number of times because look at the they have intersected eastern medicine in western medicine and they have a proprietary act now program i wanna talk about two things about the proper brand and i wanna talk about the act now program for you to act now is the startling wall medicine first of all where does the word tom i come from again the word prada script white force i mean the cobb wicket energy that permeates all object in the universe and my partner tony actually came up with an apron on and we all felt that it really hit the nail on the head what it what we were trying to deliver medicine and i love see in the one through fives and i think i learned on a another interview that they are different strengths different mixed i do different things you don't need them all at once or you don't graduate to the next one right yeah not at all so the p one five is is one hundred percent the p one all the way you one hundred percent cb in the people with turkey modulation and we also offered an active and inactive so when you're talking active very alert that's what smoked marijuana does you give you that hot and that's what some patients are looking for an and some patients at work better for them especially in a chronic pain mode for candidates naive patient someone who's never really years canada that might be too strong for them so we come in with a nonactive version which deliberately say medicinal effect but without the high hey the pete read.

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