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Com slash patrick i'd some phone calls here on our poll question uh give the poll results there make levin uh would you be in favour of a rule to prohibit tackle football before the age of fourteen sixty percent would be in favour of such rule and this is just a topic right now but some former players including harry carson hall of fame linebacker for the giants as brought this up and i don't know if there is a movement afoot but uh it feels like there could be a little more momentum with this yes mclennan it's kind of scary this idea that it's not the concussion that caused ct but the look discounts and hits i mean that means any player any player in the pros you know we think of the big hit guys yogi in trouble but just bang bang bang bang bang bang metal paolo said young now he didn't know how many in fact he said when i'm done playing than i'll tell you about it but he said he'd get like fifty two hundred stingers a year micheal in south dakota hey mike what do you have for me this hour hey deke thank you um so i'm a i'm a physician assistant i've known her office radio with two cussin' uh almost uh several a day and leave it q cares and care setting and returned to play stuff and thinking bad magically the age of fourteen is somehow quote unquote safe start getting hit in the head so medically unfounded it it's it's just made up at some this has to be made up by some pr firm thinking this makes football they've they can medicine would like to do things for reasons because science tells us that thing.

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