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Let's go to Jake. You'll live Stephen object. Hey, I just wanna talk about the state of law Lakers. I think you know, I think is doing a good job, but I think it's kind of shame on genie and everything, you know, whatever it is that rob is doing a good job. I think I mean I don't know. I think I have faith in them. You said you think he's doing a good job. Whatever it is. Do you have that he's doing a good job because magic was over him? Magical over and says, he's been going, what the hell is happened where the? Thank you continue. I think the Lakers, I think we have like you said. Yeah. I don't think we could win a championship if we don't win top free agent. Okay, pre should call. Thank you so much. Let's go to markets, you live leaving up. Hey, steven. This is Marcus. I just said, come. Go ahead. On that. I'm totally disgusted with this franchise. This is my team. I've been watching this team since I was young. This is a Barish -ment and the fact that, that he had to go on that. And then what type of that we have to wait months to hear about this, and this is not right to lake nation all liquor fin we are passionate about our team of it's been six years since we missed the playoffs. This is not how it's supposed to go. And that's my take on it. Have a good. I got you don't blame you angst in any way. Other, it's, it's, it's kind of annoying to watch no question. Let's go to blanche you live Stephen ESPN radio ESPN news. How're you doing? Blanche. I'm doing good. How are you? I'm all right. Thank you for calling. What's up? I was go to say warriors fan when they had my, this is everybody everyone says that they were seventy three and nine team right before Kevin Durant Jones. But. Twentyish year. They want it when LeBron was by he's still game. He had no, Kevin love. He had no curry Irving. So what should meet on? The second. He don't need Kevin Durant. With all due respect. You don't tell me to hold on my show. I'm asking the question I'm saying to you what is your point for bringing that up? What are you getting at? My point is your saying what about these curve? He wanted team that was already established. Mark jackson. He didn't go to the start off rest. He teamed those already getting there. Okay. But, but what you brought up LeBron. You brought up Kevin Durant. You brought up Monte Ellis. Now you brought up Steve Kerr and my audience still does not understand what you're getting at. That's why I have to direct you. I'm asking a direct question blanche. Why did you call up to this show? What point did you want to make that you want us to understand? That's all asking this is what I'm trying to tell you. I said, I was going to stay fan four when it was my pain before the Dell Curry before the curve. Okay, everyone that they were a good team. They didn't don't move having to rent. That's what I say. They'll never there. But I said, what I felt was when they beat the Cavaliers. No. Brian was by himself. He didn't have Kevin love and he didn't have curry urban and LeBron still one two days. Okay. That's the point out the Bronx. So everyone say that will need Kevin Durant. Apparently they did because they wanna got him the very next year. That's what I'm saying..

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