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And along with the new campsites came a host of public safety hazards, like the pushback is growing over things like a provision that, if passed, would require people to immediately vacate their camp. Opponents also say H B 1925 relies too heavily on finds another punishments. And so this bill has been sent back to a House committee. Patrick Osborne news radio K O B. J seven students from the main ER school district or involved in an early morning crash. Two were taken to the hospital. Maynor Police say the car carrying the seven kids crashed head on into another car around to this morning. The driver of the other car is hospitalized. Police think alcohol was the cause of that crash. A lake Travis Marina owner is fake. Sing a felony charge over accusations that he was dumping human waste into the lake. The LCR races, Carlton Coburn was dumping waste near the commander's point Marina through a sewage line that was not attached to a tank. He's charged with unauthorized discharge of waste. In that case, a 33 now it K. L. B J Let's get you up to date on Austin's on time traffic. Years. Melinda Brandt. We continue to see slow traffic conditions and around Iraq as you make your way South bound on 35 then also in between 2 90, Cesar Chavez 35 North bound, stopping go in between 13 27 and Cesar Chavez over on 1 83, a slight delay South found there at do ball. And then we have reports of a collision on East 71 westbound spirit of Texas. You're next reports at 8 45. I'm Melinda. Bring it with us and on time traffic This segment brought to you by Crestview RV Now is the perfect time for a new RV for pressed you RV and Georgetown is your family ready for fun in the sun or travels on the open road in your own home away from home Order yours today Rescue RV in Georgetown, Your Keystone RV headquarters. 35 North exit to 68 or Crest you are Be calm The kale BJ Radar. Weather Watch Chance of rain today High of 81 Low of 70 Tomorrow's high 91 degrees. It's 70.

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