Spencer Ackerman, Taliban, United States discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Journalist proprietorial of the forever war sub stack spencer ackerman on his new book reign of terror. How the nine. Eleven era destabilized america and produced trump also on the program. Today taliban claim there will be no reprisals us military takes over half of the caboodle airport. Meanwhile congressional democrats fall over themselves to investigate the afghan withdrawal uk announces it will take twenty thousand afghan refugees over the course of five years. Meanwhile alabama has negative. Icu beds free. Negative icu. Beds free in. Alabama and the republican texas governor habit three times vaccinated getting monoclonal treatment for breakthrough cova still supporting his ban of mask mandates in texas schools to protect unvaccinated children. Haiti earthquake toll tops. Two thousand people now. Tsa in this country extends the airline mask requirement until january of twenty twenty. Two and nancy pelosi plans a test. Vote on monday to challenge the corporate democrats obstructing the infrastructure. Bill all this and more on today's majority reports. Welcome.

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