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This is a mytalk dirt alert update. A quick look at what's happening in entertainment so much dirt on mytalk juice. Okay. This is big news last night on the sign off of the live. Double eviction episode of big, brother. Julie Chen is the host of that show, of course. And she thinks the house who was just kicked off. She called them the wrong. Hanes. I think she was a little nervous because she knew she was going to deviate from her robotic what she usually is and said good night. I'm Julie Chen moon fess, and this is significant because Julius never used moon Vaz's on TV before and people see that as an endorsement that she standing by interesting, isn't it? She says, I'm Julie Chen, moon Bez, and I'm like, whoa. What's that off? So you know, she doesn't really deviate from the script. I watch big brother, and she's they call her the Chen bought. Yeah. Kepi is just so robotic okay, we have predator out this weekend. The new predator that's sort of been surrounded by controversy because one of the actors had an interesting. Passed and Olivia Munn didn't want to do a scene with him found out later that he had some allegations against him. So they re edited the movie that's out this weekend. And now, the another great movie called a simple favor that has Anna Kendrick and Blake lively. It looks pretty good. It's a thriller. Does look good. I really would like to see that. I've heard some great things about it. Okay. And then we also have hurricane Florence hitting North Carolina this morning Jimmy Buffett posted a picture of himself on a beach in South Carolina with lyrics from his song surfing and a hurricane probably a joke. Some people took it seriously because he also said quote on a serious note respect by their nature. Please be safe and listen to your local authorities. It looks like it's gone down to a category one. So it's not as bad right now as they thought it would be this morning. So that's good news for them. And then on net this weekend. We have the fifth season premiere of beau. Jack horsemen we have on Hulu today. The series premiere of the first this has Sean Penn in it. And he's an astronaut asked to lead the first manned mission to Mars, and then we have football football started back up on.

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