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Down first was chris matthews on the crossing pattern marked out at around the thirty two yardline thanks to christian jones kyle fuller when all the way back into the end zone with a loose football but he was down and he'll be short go to be decision time matthews put a pretty good stiffarm on christian jones the lie backer just wasn't able to keep his feet and it looks like the ravens have already made their decision which is the gulf war or at least make it seem like they're going to go forward they're over three four thousand this year uphold to one prawat against the bans fourth award at chicago's 32 down seventeen thirty six and a half minutes remaining and it looks like we'll get a time out first as they show to running backs the rafiq said allen an columns of the backfield they they call time out or the play clock was down to one both the coaches and joe flaco were signaling for them to reset the lakwat it it feel like they had after the the run by use but they wanted to use the time out did not take that chance so twotime outs left for each team seventeen thirteen bears lead six thirty one remaining hated hated packed full fourth down to come for ravens team at said grand difficulties alba day on third them this is the right call by the way in this situation when you're down four going fouryear here rather kicking the fugel whether they make it or not is the right call back soon the eye tailbacks tied in motion flaco under center and he gives to the jabbar a salad they try to checks the bears off guarded it works pop federal left guard of the party gets a couple of imported while the will of the change i keep the drive going at each of the tackle you know how i said it's the right call whether they make it or not looks like a much better call when they make it really does and this is really helps six that's the applicant critical anything that ross tucker approves though is gold alex college deepak flaco under senator multiple wide of a right from the kurdi toss right outlook for college cannot find an edgy kept waiting for something to develop and rice cal ahead helps escorted out of bounds at around the thirty one the.

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