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New York so we got it back on the van eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six okay to get back to the radio stuff reserve for you have his numbers up there you can participate in this one too I'm looking it over I mean I know we lived it but you got to refresh your memory here with the numbers he was as exciting a player as the franchise's had certainly for Nick appear to time he was a four time all star you know about the batting title by then I was kind of done with them in two thousand ten two thousand eleven to me wasn't the same player but you look at the years he had an old five six seven and eight and they were very good years now is it Mets hall of fame more the probably retire number now now retired number and I look back on fortunately you're gonna remember ray is along with you know we're right in that core of two thousand six seven eight that didn't win an O. six and that collapse in oh seven and same thing in two thousand eight that's it they had a window to be a great team and they didn't do it Reyes had his postseason moment in two thousand six leading off game six well the home run the place is going nuts I was game six right if my memory serves me correct it was I was there yeah right the place is going nuts member the white towels to start what do you think producer fleas manhole fame I mean no question for me yeah I'm also younger so based on the way they're putting guys in their halls right now he's good enough for me he is a met all time great he spent ten years old overall I would say with the franchise I would definitely not retire his number the Mets hall of fame yeah why not yeah you're right let's look at the players who were in the mess hall of fame do they have that up there somewhere I know like Mookie Wilson is there then Ron Darling and Ron Darling in the Keith I believe see if we could see who's in that I mean obviously the obvious ones with Seaver and guys like that to Gary Carter's in there oh no wait this is hall of fame inductees I'm looking at I want to see the Mets Holly area Mets hall of fame let's see each piazza Gianfranco strawberry Davey Johnson Frank Cashen Dwight Gooden Tommie Agee Gary Carter Keith Hernandez Mookie Wilson and then obviously some some guys from you know the sixty nine your sixties and beyond and this year they're inducting Alfonso Ron Darling Jon Matlack all right okay then you Darling that's this year so Darling Alfonzo and Matlack hopefully this season if we see one Alfonso to me maybe didn't have it for the extended period but he was a better player for the shorter period he was more impactful player I mean even with the odds of the team Alfonzo was one of the better who better hitters in baseball for that period at least in ninety nine even two thousand before you ended up with the back issues I don't know five throw away when he's playing just about every day he missed like ten games combined the four seasons leading off every game for that for that team had great numbers all four years that's four years in a row the Mets had winning seasons I know they make the post season right out of the four but where else the New York Mets history can you look to as a yeah they had a winning season four years in a row led the league in plate appearances at bats led the league in hits in two thousand eight led the league in stolen bases three years in a row right wrestles three out of fear there you go I mean it it does and it was leaking batting average in two thousand eleven any hit career to eighty three header I mean that's not bad for a guy that was a wild swinger the problem is in a big spot you could pitch to raise I love them in two thousand six matter Baghdad throwback eighty six Jersey of Jose Reyes I love them but I don't take back in the day when I got jurors at intake getting players jerseys lightly and I remember loving remember get into geo we still live together at the time NGO then like race and he turned out to be right even like him saying that you could pay you in a big spot is not clutch is like when you talk about a little sick she was great you mention to produce legal five oh six even beyond he had the good numbers but there was always something off with him it was good defensive player to canton for you'd kill that raises prime now over sorry yeah hello he should be for sure Mets hall of fame maybe they put him in with right one day together right there was a chance he I don't know it's rather have less each of them have their own day that's especially because David Wright deserves his own day right and right popping up his number retired race is not there and and honestly I would not retire writes number just for on field purposes but for everything else I can understand why the Mets would do that yeah I mean he's the kind of guy he's not a perfect player but for a franchise that has so sorely lacked even great to really good position players its entire existence he's a guy that people need pick when he's on the team and then you go another decade without having a player who can even come close to doing what he could do on the field yeah I guess the same met fan base that always want to criticize Carlos Beltran U. SS best meanwhile they're trying now guys when those guys around like the error Campbell's and Eric young John Mayberry's of the world you know it is there for you look at the Aggies monument park Billy Martin Derek Jeter Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Joe DiMaggio Mickey mantle yogi bear I mean Joe Tories and their Roger Maris Rizzuto Monson forty tomorrow legends Mattingly no passado maybe is a solid equivalent to a guy like ray as right your Vera Reggie Jackson Pettit guys who are whole Famers were all time greats for the team but they're consistent all stars is o'neil Montaner we have known it was there I'm looking at the place where my looking at here let's retire numbers are just one over okay I thought for sure o'neal was there that's Yankee retired numbers yeah Tino Martinez gets a plaque give me a break Tina okay Tino Martinez be a monument park the Yankees a plaque Neil yes I would agree with that Bernie yes same bank Tino Martinez Kamal goose Gossage is well give jury we mention west twenty years is Jose Reyes a top five met position player probably I would say probably the only guys I can think to immediately put in front of him no question are right Beltran and I mean there were times early in their careers were there you can make an argument that Jose races better overall player than David right and maybe piazza you can include in there because that's when the bulk of his career with the Mets came years wise right after two thousand twenty year right two thousand one to two thousand seven hearsay and since two thousand who were the best position players play for the Mets the Beltran to me is probably number one I've always said that and I love to be there's no question about trans number yeah I know a lot of people like him yeah when you look at the numbers he is he's clearly number one agreed yeah this again because you're knocking off at least a year and a half for piazza because were not included in this window would you put Delgado winner much shorter sample I'll tell you though Delgado he was a beast a beast any gets overlooked because of everybody else everybody loves ray is and right and everybody loved or not maybe at the time they did love Beltran Carly was almost like the glue of that line up all my goodness he they lost a lot when he went down thirty eight and one fourteen twenty four eighty seven thirty eight and one fifteen does your idols only three years but two of those years warm at two thousand six and two thousand and eight war monster and two thousand seven would have been like that but he played about twenty less games and you know hit what sh fourteen less homers and drove in a bunch was wrong because he was hurt he also got off to a good start in two thousand nine before he got hurt yeah I remember that we made Citi field looks small a couple times a was the only one to make your point I could do it yeah and it was was that by Davis take over from that didn't work out but I mean Delgado man those year two thousand sixty civically him Beltran and met standard officers like that with two players come on and again bell trying to raise two guys I met fans love to NIT pick now you kill to have either one a guy like that you're here exactly when you will be equivalent what it what did they do that nine years after that between those guys and then when they traded for census in twenty fifteen think about the offense as we look at you know all we had Alonso and make meal might one day soon be able to be put on this list well because it's the match you really only need three or four years like we're considering Delgado McNeil and allowed to give you two more years similar to what they did last year and yet you're willing to put them up in this list because the matches they don't have a great history of position players and a lot of ones they do have they don't have them for the entire career or the majority of their career and that's the you know like you Keith Hernandez came along later in his career Gary Carter later in his career again so I've met fans love guys like McNeil Alonso because their home grown and we can fantasize all maybe this guy plays here for the next fifteen years yeah and it never works out like that but the Yankees just turn about it's sometimes you could say that the Mets you know I know people so I like that they haven't retired many numbers what what numbers are they gonna retire I know they're doing Kuzmin this year the Yankees have a bunch of numbers retired they have a bunch of legends you know maybe they overdo the mom the plaques in monument park and the Mets don't do that with the whole thing but again you look at the quality of players that the Yankees have had in comparison there is no comparison significant in the eighties.

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