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Last two, three weeks. We forced him to do it. The New York Yankees closed out the Cleveland guardians with a 5 one win in their decisive game 5 in The Bronx, rob woodwork WTO sports. Top stories were following for you tonight on WTO. President Biden speaking at the Howard theater here in D.C. urging people to vote during his speech he once again promised that if the Democrats win the midterms he'll immediately send a bill to Congress to codify abortion rights. Surf X county police say they've arrested a man who raped a woman at gunpoint in a hotel room in Vienna on October 1st, detectives released pictures of the suspect on social media just yesterday in a bid to get help from the public in this case A 24 year old is under arrest and yesterday's quadruple killing in Dale City. Prince William county police say David main lived with the four people he's accused of killing during a fight in their home. Stay with WTO for more about these stories in minutes. 7 48, we've got your traffic and weather on the 8s. Here's bob himmler in the WTO traffic center. Northbound three 95, traffic continues to be diverted onto the southbound George Washington Parkway around the police activity just before the 14th street bridge. There is no traffic still coming up the rams from boundary channel and from the northbound George Washington Parkway getting on to northbound three 95, but anyone coming up three 95 itself will be diverted onto the southbound George Washington Parkway around this police action. Southbound the travel lanes are open 95 southbound. That's just briefly slow at the aqua. Now there are no delays to report really on 66 at all. And things are pretty quiet on the beltway interlude does flow briefly getting to the American legion bridge and through Bethesda Silver Spring college park and green belt. The beltway is cleared out. On 29 northbound at burtonsville, caller found the crash after one 98 year before, the river there before the river crossing into Howard county, you're getting by single file left around a crash. But 50 off of the bay bridge, that runs without delay Parents on doing the camp be done for national security because our way of life depends on it, visit periton dot com for more info about it. Traffic. Storm team four's Mike Jennifer tonight. We are looking at the coldest night of this fall and there's a freeze warning in effect for Northern Virginia and for the far northern

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