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I mean, certainly when there's. A blow out being. The contest is one side. All right. Most of noxious fans in baseball. Oh bench. Cut yankees. Ray SOX cubs. Yankees Red Sox cubs. It actually is close. But but I'm not going to not say the Yankees or the most of noxious fans in baseball. So I'm start. I'm gonna starting Yankee fans a very close second and ready to jump up off the bench at any moment would be the Red Sox fans. And then I you know in honor of my cousin. We'd I will. I will bench the cubs fans who cousin. We'd okay. A lifelong cubs fan. Okay. And you know, you used to have to add the the term long-suffering. Yes. Of course, actually he and I were at game five in Wrigley of what was that two and a half years ago when they send it to make sure to send it send it back to Cleveland. You know, used to say long-suffering Red Sox fans to not any more. Let me let me dig into this year just for a little quick second. Okay. What's what's so noxious been Yankee fence? They're sort of innate sense of superiority, they're they're like entitled like so many of the. Going down a bad road here. Keeping people in in my children's generation. Yeah. Like, you're born on third base you act like you hit a triple. All right. Triple like Joe Girardi over the head of Greg Maddux to win at the time. I think it was World Series championship twenty two. It's now up to twenty seven. Thank you. Thank you. Explanation all time between the the Tigers you still want. Everybody to go see on your very good March eighth in all time postseason record head to head Detroit. New York Yankees all time all time Yankees have more all time head to head Choi Tigers versus New York Yankees in the postseason. Oh, you went. I I don't know that off the top of my head. You really do to know Detroit. Gosh, one of which you just show. Well, because they vanquished the Yankees, then we'd beat this because he Enke's constantly have generational talents. That grow on trees. It come out of the woodwork like that judging by for a billion dollars. All right. I'm trying to avoid judge bench. Cut created by our coordinating producer dont bully. But I will ask it because I love our guest here. Judge is hard to not like pre. She is an exception to the rule. Okay. Last one for just like Geeta, right? I love Jay. Where's every clause? Got you. Grow up a Yankee fan. He's just there's something wrong. That's just not right. Michigan coach team you'd want house state to face the most Jim Harbaugh. Rich Rodriguez Brady hope. I can't believe this show. What the heck? So you're talking about that team up north. The Joe remain nameless. It's like saying Baltimore. So I'm going to start Harbaugh because he's he's my favorite guy beat..

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