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To restore justice i mean i'd have to be favorite love restore restorative justice but in this case it means that one teenage boys commit felonies on school grounds they're not arrested what there are counseled by pierre by other students female students to act better than that teenage girl that sixteen year old girls likely is very very lucky to be alive tonight in two thousand fourteen when arne duncan created he created this memo that went out to public school teachers and administrators to say look we need to really cut down on the school to prison pipeline which is to me methodological because really what they don't want to talk about is is really the situation of the black family in america was broken we mow the vast majority of of of black children in this country airborne into single families single single household and mainly headed by women who work multiple jobs and don't have time for discipline the household and so you know we're we're surprised by this what arne duncan was essentially conveying to teachers you are racist when you when you give it attention or expulsion or a suspension to a child of color or child with the learning disability it's because you're racist not because they are truly truly disrupting the classroom is the thing that bothers me so much they always bury the lead we've got a crisis and black families and many other families in this country nobody wants to talk about the role of parents nobody wants to talk about the role of families we just dump it on teachers saying that they're racist and that we need to cut down on the prison pipeline but we don't ever talk about the family life of a lot of these kids which is really broken liberal democratic policies created the broken black and white family their policies in the seventies eighties and nineties calls fathers not to marry the mother of their children because government paid so when the liberal policies fail come up with nice coin words like restorative justice to make up for the.

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