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Brian Newnan seven twenty WGN. Yeah. Easter happy Paso. If you're enjoying the day lot of people I saw even after they got out of their Easter finery. They were out to working in the yard today. Because I don't wanna get too cocky, I don't want to think that we're that. We're over the hump, but I hear you saying it mid seventies tomorrow. I know it says seventy today. Cooling down middle of the week. I don't know what that means in this town, it could mean it's back down to twenty do. I put the boots away. Can I finally hang the the parkers up? I don't ever have closet. I know minds on the kitchen chair just right by the door. But once winter's over then I put it away. Now, I have not jinxed myself by putting it away yet because two weeks ago, I we have one of those little boot trays, you know, by the door. So when you come in you put your boots on it and finally two weeks ago, I put it away. And you know, what happened a few days after that? Don't you the S word? So I learned my lesson with the boots. I'm not too sure when I can actually put the coats away today. I almost brought a coat just because I know where we're at. And I know that even though, you know, it was warmer at home than it was when I got here, but. I don't want to jinx. So I'm not I don't know. What to do? I've got one in the car, and I've got a light jacket in here. Just testing case. Right. What are we what are we going to get passed? Yeah. I don't want to do anything in the yard yet. I see people out there. They're they're putting down flowers guy across the street was taken a stump out of his yard Shane. But I was like I'm not I'm not getting into any landscape yet. It's too early. I'm not gonna put down seat. I'm not gonna play flowers because the minute I plant some flowers frost. Yeah. Everything's gonna die. And I hate that having to cover everything that's a lot of work to go cover everything. And then uncover everything I just hate that. I don't have time for that. I barely. I've kind of do the first time. I'm not doing it a second third time. That's insane. Have you ever heard Memorial Day? Here is like I mean, I'm Morial day. Sorry mother's mother's day is like the the line. That's when you can start planning because I'll tell you why. When I learned that was two years ago. Because we bought all these beautiful flower baskets, and we hung them all over the yard in at the end of April. Oh, my they look gorgeous. And then boom, we got a cold snap. They were dead all of we had to replace all of these baskets. And then I said to my wife when we got him. I said is this a little too early? Oh, no, it's fine. We'll put them out. Now. Do you think do you think I'm the kind of guy who said I told you? So as I was throwing those out we're writing pulling out the credit card to buy to rebuy, all these flowers. I rolling and. Yeah, you're exactly right. I did not let her forget it. So last year we were talking about getting flowers, but she and I didn't have to remind her. She said, oh, we're going to wait till after mother's day. Oh, that's good idea. And this year same thing where we we're not getting anything 'til after mother's day fantastic idea. See quick, she's smart that woman smart enough to snag me. I agree. I agree. That's right. I said it nobody believes it. But I said all right parents, and I come my self as one of these a new poll says some parents are killing adult kids life skills. If you are one of these parents, you'll probably shaking your head right now. Well, that's not me. I would never do something. Like that. Are you? Sure. Because unfortunately, a lot of parents are doing it. And it starts when they are in grade school and in highschool, are you constantly reminding your kids that their homework is do that they have to take their soccer shoes with them that they have practice after school that they every little thing. Are you letting them are you letting them make their own decisions? Are you letting them forget things sometimes and if you lay out their lunch, and they forget it. Well, are you letting them figure out? Okay. If you're in high school, there's a lunch room, you could probably get something to eat their school's gonna let you starve or are you running to school with their lunches, and their homework and everything Well, if you're doing that. Maybe you're one step away from being Laurie law. Yeah. That's right. Maybe you're would step away for big, Felicity Jones. For listening Huffman, and you are bribing schools to get your kids in which I still don't understand that. But it's a pattern of today's parents taking control so their children's succeeded in void avoid disappointment and failure and listen as apparent no kid nobody wants their kid to be disappointed or fail. But how else do we learn because as a Dulce we all we all have to face disappointment. I would like to meet at delta was never faced disappointment or failure. Because I have a feeling I would not like that person. I don't think I think disappointment and failure if not all the time, obviously. But every once in a while if you've if you have to face adversity, it makes you a better person, it makes you a stronger person. Well, a new poll was conducted by the New York Times and the morning console. Then it showed that parents don't stop handling things for their children when they become adults. I'm I'm still we still monitor this parents group from Tulane where Molly went to college. Even though she's been out suppressing a year. But I'd like to see, and these are the kind of things that always baffled me when when she was in college. And now that she's out, and I'm just really removed from it. I read these posts, and it it amazes me the extent to which some parents will go to coddle and baby their children. There was a post the other day from a woman asking the hive mind to help her. Figure out what could be done because her son who's a I think he was a sophomore sophomore in college. So this kid's eighteen nineteen years old, maybe twenty San to sophomore year could be nineteen twenty. This kid had left his sunglasses in one of his lecture halls. And she just wasn't sure what to do and wasn't sure what he should do. They were two hundred dollar rape bands. And how how on earth? Could he function without mom getting other adults? To give them advice. Had been me and answering. My advice would have been telling me, you know, next pair of sunglasses. Yes. To by by his own. Now, why first of all this? This is old man. Brian coming out who still thinks, you know sunglasses should be like seven dollars because for a long time. I used to lose sunglasses and sit on 'em and stuff. So before I needed prescriptions. I never paid more than ten dollars for sunglasses because ours I pick them up wherever it is. Like, all right. I'd wear it for a while. They'd get broke it or I leave him somewhere, and it was only ten bucks. So I had I had Abed sunglass just cheap sunglasses me Z Z top nothing wrong with that. So two hundred two hundred dollars sunglasses. I guess now if they're prescription or, you know, the prices go up, but still why are you asking what your son should do? He's nineteen or twenty. He should know what to do take care of your stuff. So we keep according to this. We don't stop removing obstacles to child frustration or defeat. Thus earning ourselves, the moniker of snowplow or law and more. Parents. There are some things that came out of this study that if they do not shock you discussed you and amaze you you're probably guilty of them. So I'm wondering from you at three one two nine eight one seven two hundred at what point do you start letting your kids feel some disappointment? You know, you can look back. You can look at the the college cheating entrance exam entrance cheating scandal as the big picture. You know? I think that is I think that's a really good way for young people to begin. Processing disappointment. So when did you when did you start letting your kids deal with disappointment? How much are you involved in not, of course, the important stuff? Clothing food shelter when they're little, but as they start getting older when did you start cutting the cutting the strings Marija some of these findings from this study. And it is it is shocking. We'll get to that. After this seven twenty WGN. You're coming home with a trunk full of groceries, and it's raining hard you pull into your driveway hit the garage door remote? And nothing happens. Now what green tea.

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