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I appreciate the attempt to creativity, but I just, have you played the grapple dog demo on steam? Grapple dog. No. Yeah, grapple dog. You need to play this. It's a demo. It's this little indie game. It's the best sonic game I've played in years. Like, it's about a little dog with a grappling hook. But when you play it, it feels like the best sonic game you've ever played. And I look at this and I'm like, this is creative, I guess. I don't know. It feels I don't like what Sega gets derivative. Sega is at its best when it's pushing boundaries. You get something like she's rocking. Yeah, chichi rocket. Maybe we could name 50 things. And this isn't doing it for me. But then again, I famous from the game scoop days for saying mean things about sonic. Yeah. And plenty of good sonic. Very nice things about sonic. But I'm going to reserve things to say about this one till we see any gameplay because I just really don't even understand what this is going to be. It's hard. Unlike Wonder Woman where I'm like, cool, Wonder Woman monolith, I get it. This I'm like, Sonic the Hedgehog, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog. And what looks like either breath of the wild or shadow of the colossus, it doesn't compute to me. So we'll have to wait and see. But what does compute inside the hedgehog two, the movie trailer? Oh yeah, baby. It looks awesome. I will say that the first half of this trailer kind of let me down while I add this looks more of the first movie and less of what I like about the first movie, which is kind of the more side of the hedgehog gamey type stuff. I thought we were going to be in other worlds a little more than we seem to be very earth focused here. But there's a shift in this trailer towards the end when should just goes off the wall. We start seeing sonic on a snowboard. We see the chaos emeralds. We see knuckles, and it is fucking so stupid in the best way as possible. I'm glad for you Tim. I'm glad for you. This is just. There's the old meme. I don't know how far back it goes. Shut sonic and his shitty Friends, right? These aren't the shitty ones, though. They're talking about wheels is cute. They're not characters. They're not characters these things. They're sonic as barely a character. He's a mascot. He's barely a character. And the rest of these tails, I love he's a great design, but I don't care about the inner struggles of miles per hour. And when it comes to knuckles, I'm just like, you know, at that point, it's just get fucked. It's just, oh my God, show some goddess. This is what the sonic fans want and deserve. And I am not going to be the one to tell them that they're wrong to accept yet another sub par product to consume as they have so many others. So you know what? I'm okay with that. Yeah. I hope it's dope. I expect you know I love Ben Schwartz. I love Ben Schwartz. He's ideal casting for this. Elba's brilliant casting. Again, the first sonic movie was far better than anyone had any right to believe it could be. This 1 may surprise us to this look too much like a sequel to me. That was kind of my problem with it. See, my thing is, I saw sonic on a snowboard on a location that looks like it could be ice cap zone, which means we might get ice cap's own music, and that's all I really need. Because we got enrolled hill zone in the most epic fashion at the end of this trailer and God damn it after the show I'm watching it again. But moving on, cuphead, the delicious last course finally makes its return, we're getting the release date, my birthday, June 30th, 2022, way later that I had expect, but I'm just so happy we're actually getting this. This is the type of game that could have been canceled at any freaking moment. I'm a little let down that it still DLC. I was hoping that after this long of a wait, it was going to be turned into a full sequel, but I'll take whatever I can get from cuphead. It looks like some pretty meaty DLC too. And speaking of trailers, this was the trailer the night for leading in from the musical number to this pseudo island of misfit toys vibe to this to the incredible classic cuphead style and the animation. This was my get hype moment of the evening, I think, along with Alan Wake, like I was just like, I am ready to explode with anticipation for playing this. Cup has already proven its quality and I really do think that whoever designed this trailer deserves a medal. It's superb. So damn good. Moving on, we got Star Trek resurgence. It's a post next generation game made by telltale veterans. It looked really bad. It did not look good. I will probably play this. Even though it didn't look good because it's Star Trek and it's I'm going to pray there's a good story in there. But it did not look good and it was also weird hearing fake Spock. That was strange. But I can't apologize. This is my bad game moment. You know, sometimes we just lean into things that we shouldn't. And unfortunately, Star Trek is a place where I have terrible blinders. I'll probably play this. We got the expanse getting a telltale series. It's a pretty cool story. Kev, you excited about that? Yes. Biggest fan I know and that's the level of energy we're bringing to it next up we got a plague tail requiem, gets a brand new trailer. A favorite for a lot of people, so we're getting a SQL's really cool. Then we got a whole bunch of other things that are a little bit smaller. We got among us coming to VR, which is kind of fun. We got a new gameplay, trailer for saints row, silent. Don't skip doom. Don't you dare skip. I saw that work my way up. Creator announces a new game slitter head. It looks weird. I don't know about it. Then we got doomed spice wars. It's a four times real time strategy game. What does that mean? Everyone was giving me shit for not knowing what that means. What's four times mean? Four X and it stands for it has to do with things like exploration, expansion. Anyway, civilization, just think sieve. That's what for X means. When you see four X, that means like a sieve type game. That's the easy way to understand it. But yeah, and some people are excited about this because dune is very well suited for that, but also a little bit of video game history here. The first truly successful real-time strategy game. Really in history was June 2, which was also based on this franchise. And it was an excellent strategy game. It wasn't for X style it was real time strategy style. But that's why some people of a certain age were getting really excited about this because June 2 broke open to created the whole command and conquer world and everything that followed really to isometric modes we have today. That all kind of came out of that. So that's why they were excited. Very cool. Moving on from that, we got a bunch more smaller things in some kind of big deals that are just quick mentions, but X BioWare debs reveal fantasy Victorian survival game nightingale, tiny Tina's wonderlands trailer shows off some chaotic fantasy action, another example of just we've seen the game a lot, but now we got more. We got a March 26th release date. Crossfire X is coming Xbox on February 10th, monster hunter rise, expansion with some more new NPCs and stuff. A big one, fun fantasy 7 remake integrate come in to PC coming to epic game store next week. So that's a huge announcement. Obviously not as big as the SQL would be, but very cool. Very exciting unexpected. Eventually, eventually, daylight two, we saw another cinematic trailer. That is an example of a game that we don't need to see more. We've seen a whole bunch, but I guess marketing has to happen for it at some point when it's actually releases. We got warhammer space marine two announced. That was really big for a small group of people. We had destiny two, the witch queen trailer with the February 2nd release date. Tunic finally gets a release date. The Zelda like tunic gives a release date of March 16th, 2022. Persona four arena ultimax announced for PS4 switch and PC. Rumble. That's just a troll. That was just. It really was. It's always going to be with Alice at this point. Like, come on. It's just like, come on, guys. Just put P four G on switch. Come on. All right. Rebel verse, it's a brand new brawler take on battle Royale from iron galaxy.

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