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Votes at once a special prosecutors there it's going to they're gonna stick with something i can't believe them fallon thing right so what it what i've heard chatter but i haven't research nauseam wondering maybe you know anything about it but the like money laundering that he's made a lot of his money in condo units in laundering money with the russians but i know nothing about that look i don't i don't really have any other information to i've heard the same rumors you have but this is what i kind of thought would end up going down alternately and i'm and i still think it might but i thought they would end up getting on for some type of financial crime or something like that they didn't have just once they're on you they'll find something and i just felt like anyone who's been a real estate developer on that level for that long probably has some skeletons in his closet but the more time goes on it it seems like maybe what they're going to go after trump for is a personal stuff or maybe he'll keep giving them crazy concessions like leading were immigrants than ever stay in wars abroad or you know that's a good transition could that's that's what i i wanna get in before we on the podcast but yeah that really is something man i mean again it's like if you do look at in the context of the last few presidents and the fact that george w bush campaigned explicitly on not using the military for nationbuilding and not being a policeman of the world and the fact that obama got a nobel peace prize for his two thousand eight campaign and then you look at what those guys did is presidents i guess this is a this all falls right in line but man all that america first we're going to deport who's here a legal man has that shed all gone out the window i i was pretty stunned though even look i wasn't i wasn't shocked that trump started by trump bomb syria very quickly after being an office trump's you know a hasn't done anything at the end of the military is is is in collusion with the saudis for this war in yemen or still have drawn bombs going on is that the you know the.

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