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I've got a copy. I've read some of. It is just not my cup of tea. The weights written the tents that it's written but the show my goodness mark rylance. Does he steals the show. He does such an amazing performance older custody. But it's so well written at least the first three episodes are a bit Slow to get going once in it. Oh my goodness like it's so well done. It's so well executed. This was I think this was I think i was watching this either before. Brexit happened or just off the brexit happened. And for me it just really sealed was before zia before the referendum. It retrospect it really sealed. How conflict works like for example. You have a glimpse of what the reformation was like. And how henry goes immediately from catherine of aragon all the way straight to and berlin and it ends with henry meeting jane cmo ad will. That's what surname of the and unfortunately ended the show there and they haven't made a sequel and i'm just so devastated. It's been five years now and they could they did. That's probably the bbc's rival game of franz even though they used to game franz. But who or i think. I'm sorry they used to roam. I got my. Hbo has mixed up And i don't know why they ended up because he could have done so but that also the lost kingdom is on netflix. It's pretty good. It's it's not always accurate. The way they depict on the historical period of the saxons king. alfred. His son at would and so on. But it's also a very great talks about you know how the vikings came and try to invade and take over stuff that you might be interested in if you can't you playing excessive discreet valhalla. Definitely go wash loss kingdom but yeah sorry this this brings us to something. I like a lot. And i think we like world big history mar or not great. History cyclists brings us to. There are a lot of good historical drama hoplessly like we all talked about mentioned how we all liked tutors because it shows a period of henry the eighth that usually get skipped over what you've taught in schools here in the uk it gives you more like insight into him is. This is normal royal life. Not just what he was like. Invading franz getting his leg missed upward killing his wife. I thought that was fascinating. I think another really fun at least halfway of it or a bit more than half. Vikings is a historical drama. Only because travis fill the such a good job playing right our loft brooke The you know the legendary figure that we don't even know if he was really real historically..

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