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For this week our merge episode episode number seven of survivor edge of extinction, and I'm very excited to have this a guest of back on the podcast with me. The last time I spoke to her we were working on setting up people to go on blind dates on Robin. Akiva, need a podcast. Of course. She is the co host of the legendary bachelor wrap up with Amy here. She is the great Haley strong Haley. How are you? Hi, robert. I am doing great. I'm so excited to be here. I haven't been able to talk about survivor, a very very very long time. I'd say the last time we did this. It was. Oh, gosh. I can't even remember his name now in millennials versus gen-x crazy guy. Paul Walker's Wachter. Wow. Walker? I hardly know. Yes. Okay. Well, Haley very excited to have you back here. One of the most popular personalities in all of our H AP here to talk about everything going on with survivor talk about love talk about snacks talk about sports. Stop. I'm flattered wherever wherever you want to go today. All right. Let's do this. Yes. I do have to say I think there is a a slight bit of confusion though, today Haley. Yeah. This is interesting actually a lot of confusion. Yeah. I think people are going to be really disappointed when they download this podcast and realize that me only strong Malkin just never played survivor. Have I been to a tropical locale before? Yes. Have I ever purposely starved, myself or money? Absolutely not. Ok okay. Yes. Earlier today, we got a question from Twitter from a from a listener, and I won't embarrass them by saying their name for for being confused, but they wanted to know Haley in worlds apart you and Joe won the chickens as a reward joke. Killed and cook the chickens did these survivor, chickens taste good. Do you think? The Joe will teach ream how to meditate practice yoga and find inner peace joke. Yeah. I can only imagine the tickets were tasty..

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