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University of california at davis author of a fourth book called an insider's guide before the break i mentioned the fact that wake forest university they've been able to grow is ears cartilage blood vessels heart fouls even a complete blatter using a plastic spongelike mold you injected with ordinary cells hit it with growth factors and they proliferate in the mould the mold of ashley disappears because as we age and falls apart leaving a perfect heartfelt or what is the difference between stem cell technology and the technology used by professor attire well actually they're very complementary technologies and and were thinking in the stumps oilfield that the use of biodegradable uh scaffolds may also be quite a promising approach and so food bringing these different technologies together i think we can kind of have the best world and so if other researchers i'll be scaffolding technologies that and i think if we need them with stem cells we might get even better results because the stem cells again have the ability to differentiate variety of different uh salt types so for example if he were trying to build the new kidney and you need a scaffold with uh uh this time us would grow into a variety of different frenchaided scotland also they seem to have this interesting self organizing pretty where their programmes as they differentiate tino spatially where they should go into their different uh micro structures different tissues so i think they're really uh again they're complementary technologies that together and bring in the future to this new reality may be in ten or twenty years where we need can replace whole oregon now what about the human brain noone expects to grow a brain anytime soon however there's some talk that maybe one day will be able to inject stem cells directly into the brain these stem cells than proliferate and of course you have to relearn how to ride a bicycle and relearn certain tasks but hey brann have a new injection of real brain tissue by which we may be able to combat alzheimer's and parkinson's what are your thoughts promising area in fact my lab doing research in that area anything out of almadina all and and so i think you're right if we do you grow new plagued tissue it's going to be naive tissue that enough uh uh john half.

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