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Yeah. Gravity Electric play into your leads. Okay what Montana thinks crazy. Yes so you were in. You do look a little bit like Hannah Montana. Best both worlds. Yeah she does so you were performing in Highschool as Hannah Montana impersonator. Yep and did you do the thing where you had laney open up for him to Montana. Es Oh you did idea. That'd be a funny dad. I was like we're not leaving here without them. Knowing my name to bobby come on so you would open. Yes and then you would put on Hannah Montana's costume okay. So I had a little portable sound system and little piece of John on Karaoke machine style thing and I had the wig I had outfits I would go to a lot of these birthday. It was like birthday parties fairs festivals roles. Last one I did was at Saint Jude and a lot of the time. They didn't want Laney Wilson. There they just wanted Hannah Montana to come party or whatever so but I wouldn't be sure to ask him. I'd be like Ken. Ken Laney make an appearance too. So yeah I would I get up there sing a few songs play my guitar and And I'd be like and you know the songs. Oh Yeah. Did you ever do the climb idea. Do you think that you know. And it's a funny story This is probably one of my most defining moments of like you gotta do. This gotTA move to Nashville. I was at Saint Jude. And this little girl had had brain surgery like two days prior our to the Hannah Montana concert and they had told me before they were like you know. You can't touch the kids unless they come up to you and you know then you can touch them you know if they make the first move forest and dating. Yeah I get it trust me. Don't make the first move. But Anyway I was just about saying the KLOM and her dad he wielder up to the front and she was saying in every word to the climb and I mean Hannah. Montana's cry on my wig is on sideways. I'm like everybody. In the in. The whole entire building squally and anyway our turnaround and then she looks at me again a and I entered the microphone and she sings the entire song like bar. Sales just kills it. Everybody's gone and she has made the microphone back and she meant to say Hannah Montana Your must over but she said Hannah Montana. I'm your store I was like you know what you are and I have got to do this. The rest of my life. And how long did you do hang on personality five years. Wow is that it was that you're paying gig absolutely. I made way more money than I do. Now I'm GonNa tell you right now. I think there's often a misconception too with how much artists make until they're really making it we make it's almost like lower class and then there's no middle class. No very rare. It's low in the booth in not just music music but anything creative. Even mind I was broke. Broke broke broke not broke anymore. It went because as soon as someone's value and you they start investing can you because they know that if they invest and you're GonNa make them way more money that's right and it's always with any amount of money that you make. It's how much money are you making the person paying you. That's right and that's why artists who it may not seem like they're doing a lot of actual work especially like where I come from. A mill town has real work through. That was like hard the labor work. But it's how much money can someone make off of you. What is your skill that we can? I use the word exploit. What's the skill that we can exploit and we can make money and then you make no no no no no money that someone goes? Oh you're actually valuable. Now we're GONNA pay you it's crazy it's a crazy eighty world that we live in crazy. So we met with Broncos the video he was He had posted the video. And I reached out to you because I did know who you were. I just saw you dancing with them and I look to. That was like Oh. She's an artist. She lives here in town. And so I hit you up and I was like hey we come teach me how to do this dance and you were so nice enough to go. I mean I can but why don't I call Blanco and just have no I was like. Oh Wow. She's he's like foregoing any sort of shot to being a video to actually do the noble thing to get the real guy. So you're how I knew Blanco and then you came out. You came over anyway which I thought was great and use you worked with Kaley Hammock. Yeah and Bronco worked with me and I remember telling you because I didn't I never heard your music and I was like if you're any good I'm going to make this up to you but only if you're any good don I appreciate your honest. I'm not GonNa do it if you if I don't love it and you know and I didn't even get your music from you. Got Your music from one of my guys because we have to say management are you. Were You red light and you. I think you were deciding at that. Point who management was and so I was like hey I heard your whole record and I was like Oh you did and I rarely listen to people's music but I was just so grateful that you are so giving of your time and then you didn't even want anything you're like no not the video you now's glad to be here. You're like nothing. I don't need anything and I was like. Wow if she's any good no she is and then you were like you definitely have a style about you I started falling in history. I don't even bother people instagram volume instagram. You Music's great when we get to pick the show this year at the Reimann. I picked like to new artists every year that I really think our big things happening for by the way Lou. Combs was that guy. I two years ago. You know I mean it's it's been a a really cool thing to be able to do that though shows and so it was you and I've just been real real happy happy to see you just appreciate your support. How how fresh your voices how different it is while still? Oh being who you really are thank you. It's so hard to be authentic and be different and keep at it when people are going. I don't know but the people they hit the hardest are the people that you would go. I don't know because if you don't people aren't like I don't know then it means you're like everybody else I honestly I can't be anything but myself if anybody was trying to change me. It just wouldn't work. You know what also find really cool about us. I don't know your friend. Who's your best friend Casey? Casey Tyndall I only know from your instagram. Your grandma but you guys are together him best. I can tell you guys are like like best friends best friends and yeah and I like I I can appreciate shit like that's real stuff. You're picking her a hard time well and I don't again she. She's an artist too. Yes she is good. She's awesome before although she is. I'm telling you right now. I'm not I'm not friends with sucky people Here's your cash onto them from the picture last night your caption. Five Year Old Lady. Who is terrified? I had to sing butterfly kisses at her kindergarten. Graduation would really be freaking out tonight. soundcheck at the Reimann was just magical. Thought it would be so candid up tonight. I mean every word it's pretty cool Every word play a little bit of your music. I think some of our our folks would like to hear your music. They haven't yet Mike let's do a dirty looks. which is the current current single.

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