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We're electromagnetic beings but understand there's regular wi fis chief point four gigahertz that's two billion ways per second passing through your body far from what natural where your body's ten hurts so billions of times more that's just from fi um our concern right now is the rollout of 5 g five geez a huge aberration from the past right now we're at one two three gigahertz it's going up to four to ninety gigahertz which is ninety billion waves per second passing through our body the problem is we're going from waves that are three or four feet long down to waves that are valid in two half an inch as a result we need to have cell tower transmitters every two to ten homes it doesn't travel very well the problem with that is we know around the world when we located near cell tower transmitter cancer rates are about three times what they should be and neurological affects increase as you get closer to the cell talent but most people don't live near cell tower so it's not that much of an issue but with five g that's all going to change the part that upsets me as a republican as you're not going to be notified whether transmits coming to your home and legally you will not be able to talk about health and safety based on the nineteen ninety six telecommunications act passed by congress section said no force said only the fcc can look at environmental effects which legally has been expanded to include health and safety problem with the fcc looking at it the fcc controls it but they're not of health and safety agency they have known where the biological background in their agency and they say oh don't worry it safe but understand this fc sees a captured agency people can google fcc captured agency report done by harvard showing the compromise and understand this the chairman of the fcc is a form of rising attorney the fcc chairman that pushed out five g was tom wheeler he's the former seat president and ceo of cti aaa the wireless lobby group the fcc has no interested in looking at health affects no inch the people that are sick and is actively ignoring the science to support it.

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