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Military's efforts to counter smuggling of illegal drugs he made some remarks at the joint interagency task force south what i want to thank god great military leaders this was an education we're talking about drugs and stopping these drugs and other things human trafficking some of the other forms of trafficking i want to thank secretary nielsen you're doing a fantastic job is a very tough situation you look at the thousands and thousands of people that are going in fifteen different directions from different countries using the pacific using the caribbean using everything they could use to get through but you have done really an incredible job and we wanna thank you everybody coastguard everybody you really tired it's a thankless job in many ways but in other ways it's a really something that the people of the united states very much appreciate drugs are flowing into our country we need water protection we need the wall we have to have the wall the democrats don't want to approve a wall because they think it's good politically it's not looking at what's happening in california with sanctuary cities where the people are really going the opposite way they don't want sanctuary cities and there's a little bit of a revolution going on in california so it's people are really appreciating the work you're doing on stopping drugs from pouring into this country and we can't emphasize enough not only drugs drugs are a big factor but you look at human trafficking is worse than it's ever been in the history of this world and who would think in this modern day age and they're using very sophisticated equipment and they use the internet better than practically anybody uses the internet so it really is a big problem but i just want to thank everybody that was an incredible education and we are behind you all the way thank you very much president trump in key west florida yesterday the president continues.

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