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I was looking up at brian rob's article on boston sports journal and is a nice breakdown of some of the above the rim lobs and threat that robert williams a third could be mentioned you know whether it's slipping ball screens or dribble handoffs he you know he's got a little bit of agility around the basket now just a a straight line rim runner mentions he's not a shooter right now but show some good touch inconsistent shooting stroke but his mrs aren't terrible his mechanics aren't broken shows flashes of amid post face up game where he can finish over his left shoulder return around and jump hooks so bryan rob while you're here do you think this guy is a comp to clint capella and i mean i think he's g league this year next year is probably in the rotation and the next year he could be a starter if al horford still with the team or not but overall from the footage you've seen i mean i watched the guy a lot but you you just went in depth you like this guy's game it is going to be a bit of a project i think you're dead on joe he'll probably spend more time in maine earliest playing then he will at the pro next year but you know this team has the depth for they can afford that and so they kind of needed someone at the animal roster greg monroe probably not coming back guys like dwight howard has been talking about i'm not sure you convince a guy like that to come here unless you gave them some minutes guarantee is i'm not sure you wanna do that so by drafting a big i like williams you get them in your work them into the system you have them refined his game and situationally gives you something that you didn't have before with the the lobs in the rim protection the only thing that concerns me about him he's six nine right how many six nine centers of the celtics avarino right and he played he played power forward the texas saying i know he's a big man with a big wingspan but i mean can he play power ford or is he more of a center in the nba more a senator in the nba just you put shooting around him so that way you can afford to have a guy like him that can't space the floor nearly as well and yeah it's gonna be i mean i think centers in the nba joel are training smaller they're trying to be more mobile this guy has those traits he's got a lot of work to do defensively to kind of be more disciplined and understand nba schemes but we'll see how again it'll be super competitive herman campbell goes against them really tough guy so we'll see if he's able to help right away or it's gonna take some time you can check out brian raab's analysis of robert williams a third let's not forget another name on a texas de'andre jordan we all know his game right just think about the andre jordan for a second teams in the league want his ability the guy blocked shots he's definitely ilab type he makes a boatload of money but i'll tell you he's got a place in this league right i mean he's got a place in this league and at the time jordan who knew what he was he got with kevin garnett at the time change his whole career around so maybe they think with al horford and robert williams here maybe they can get it on the right track six one seven.

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