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Dot Com National Intelligence Director Dan Coats is stepping down from his post next month. President trump made the announcement on twitter saying he will nominate Texas Representative John Ratcliffe for the job coats who has served as intelligence director since March of two thousand seventeen as longtime critic of Russia right cliff drew the support of trump allies and conservative media outlets for his questioning of former special counsel Robert Mueller clashes between police and protesters took place in Hong Kong over the weekend in what's been a summer of protests against Beijing's encroachment police used tear-gas gases. They fought to contain thousands of protesters Hong Kong. Police said they made at least forty nine arrests on Sunday. Protests began in June and the last few weeks have marched an increase in the intensity of confrontations. They began over controversial extradition Asian law that since been put on hold demonstrators wanted withdrawn for good Chinese officials have reminded protesters that the Chinese military could legally be called upon by Hong Kong's leadership analysts say that's unlikely but it has added to uneasiness in the city Colombian Egon Bernal won the Tour de France on Sunday the first person from his country to do so and at twenty two the youngest torture France winner in one hundred ten years the Wall Street Journal Joshua Robinson says it was one of the most exciting tours in the three decades. What made this race so exciting is that we really didn't know who is GonNa win until the last three or four stages and that's not common in the modern modern sort of France? The past few years team ineos mostly known as team sky in those days. would be like a Boa constrictor this race taking control early and slowly suffocating. What we had here was a French guy named Julian Allah Felipe who wasn't supposed to be in the Yellow Jersey attacking all the time holding the Yellow Jersey for fourteen days his and giving this race <hes> some flavor and a little bit of French hope which we haven't which we haven't seen in several years now but ultimately it was bernal who pulled ahead in Brunell is twenty two years old from Columbia and he is a cycling prodigy this guy as his teammate Gareth Thomas said was born to go uphill fast he lives at altitude and trains at altitude in Columbia so that even some of the highest climbs at the twitter France where actually lower than where he lives and he is just so cool and so poised that you get the sense that not only was ready to win the twitter France but the first of many that's The Wall Street Journal Joshua Robinson? We're in the midst of earning season and there's more to come this week including reports from apple proctor and gamble and Kellogg joining me now with more on what we're seeing so far and what we're watching this week is Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Worst Horn so mike we heard from a bunch of companies last week including several tech giant's. What can you tell us about what we're seeing from that sector in particular so there's been a lot of surprises which is something that's been helping to rejuvenate rejuvenate the market a little bit the S&P five hundred rose another two percent so far in July and it'd be part of that is because you have seen some of these big tech name some of these big tech companies post better than expected earnings alphabet being one of the more recent ones that did that you know during their trading on Friday they were up double digits at certain points of the day just because investors really enthusiastic about a company like that still being able to show that it can continue to generate profits in revenue in a more challenging economic climate twitter was another one that also had very well received results but the situation has been somewhat mixed amongst some of the technology names facebook being one of them they had great earnings but they have <hes> various regulatory issues that they're coping with so the stock price was a little more muted in terms of the reaction to that you know that said out of the entire S&P five hundred nearly a third of the companies that have reported so far have beaten expectations so far? This has been a pretty well received earnings reporting season so let's talk about some of those companies reporting this week cool you be keeping a close eye on will apple's going to be one of the biggest ones and that's GonNa be extremely important just because you know one..

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