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What's your one that you deserve? One of prosperity at home in harmony with the nations of the world. The United States is ready to embrace raced peace seeking but let's get into the first storey outside of Donald trump lying to you about everything that happened and this is in regard to the contractor menace. Probably some of the tags we have in this video today. which is exactly why they don't want you seeing this stuff because this doesn't look very good for them? This is coming from zero. US military contractor contractor whose death led to solemn on strike finally identified finally finally identified after a week. Gee I wonder why that it might be. I wonder why they would drag their feet on something like this after saying well. We don't reveal that and then finally here a week later. We'll yes we will now. Because that's not suspicious at all so last night. The Sacramento Bee finally identified the US contractor who's alleged death was used to justify action against a group they never ever proved in any way was behind the attack or that the group was in any way controlled by Iran but what is facts in evidence matter in today's world so even if all all they say about this man is true that in that in no way changes their actions following it that were at every possible possible way illegal in every sense of the word regardless of what this person was or where if he was killed or anything about what. They're saying everything that followed were still legal nonetheless which is probably why they're really really afraid of people like us talking about this because it shows that their fraudulent rogue corrupt dishonest people that we should not be following an actual patriots who actually understand the constitution and care about this country should be screaming that from the rooftops to these people are are not representing you and in fact they're lying to you about pretty much damn near everything today in order to kill people in your name and call it freedom now an Iraqi American. Interestingly I find that very review revelled relevant in this whole topic so he's an Iraqi American thirty-three-year-old now res- will lead amid now. He served as a translator for Virginia. Based Company security firm valiant which contracts with the the army intelligence and security command and guess what according to its website they assist with operations ranging from counter intelligence to support the special operations personnel. So he was a spy I wonder why they wouldn't want us to know that this is just. It's just so obvious but of course tweeted out and Iraqi American which they said serve the translator for security for valiant than that. They're involved in operations counterintelligence of course he worked in counterintelligence of course he did and I wonder why they wouldn't want us to see that which you know just just so happens happens to this whole part about the counterintelligence the place other than the place that he worked being called valiant. Guess what that this whole thing just so happens is to be the one part that was left out by the Washington Post article about this man which was of course stressing the article that he was only an interpreter. I wonder why why they do that. I guess they just missed that incredibly relevant part of the story where he was an interpreter for counterintelligence outfit that worked in Iraq and he's a former Iraqi that just scream some kind of intelligence operation so he's a spy ladies and gentlemen immediately after his death the US had taken the unprecedented action of conducting a major bombing on Khattab Hezbollah a popular mobilization unit group part of the Iraqi military they attack act them in Iraq and Syria killing over thirty people. Most of which as I said a moment ago were you but of course if you're watching that in the first part of the future you you're probably confused because because youtube just censored this show and split it into because that's what they do to honest people giving you the truth but they killed over twenty people that were Iraqi. Jackie police military innocent people. But we don't talk about that ask yourself why that's irrelevant to the story when we're talking about people who are doing bad things and killing people right around that guy they killed civilians but then we did the same thing but we don't care about that because it was for freedom and that fund how that works out now oddly. The Pentagon refused for over a week to discuss the identity of the counterintelligence translator that was reportedly killed claiming they quote. Don't divulge the the identity of contractors. But I guess they just woke up today and thought Nah it just let him know or they finally had enough time to sell L.. They're manufactured narrative in the way that they want to do. Because that's always what this comes down to control the narrative and manipulating the situation. Making sure that you see things the way you they want you to always. What's happening here now valiant? The company confirmed his death yesterday. They said quote. We are deeply deeply saddened by the tragic death of of a made valiant said this in their statement they said Mr Hamid was a consummate professional and highly committed member or of the valiant team who was cherished and valued by his colleagues sure fury was right and by the way I'm not trying to diminish this person or his life or his family or you know I I don't know the first thing about this personal life of this man but that's not what's best not what we're talking about here. I'm not even suggesting what he was doing was illegal or wrong or anything. I'm just talking about the fact that this is a person who was working with counterintelligence with the US government and that's probably why they didn't want us to know about this because probably probably what he was doing. was spying on people manipulating things like they always always do now. The security firm didn't release any further details of course as the up to a- As to the precise nature of his work I wonder why because that is what you get when talking about counter intelligence operations absolutely nothing now amid became a naturalized citizen only in two thousand seventeen after he and his family. I came to the United States in two thousand eleven from Iraq. Mind you so. This was likely Iraqi turned and recruited for counter intelligence. That's my guess but nonetheless. It's funny how we're talking about someone that was in two thousand seventeen became a US citizen from Iraq from the group that place that they were invading a person then decided to work for counterintelligence for the government against his home country. And they called this a you UNAMERICAN contract now he is an American but we have to admit that that's a little deceiving so little misleading. Wouldn't you say and that's probably why they don't want you know in this now. Half of the story is being left out. When you read the mainstream media information again ask yourself why that would b but they'll keep referring to as linguists and that's it but then we need to ask ourselves? Why would they hide who he was for in Tyre Week? If that's all he was and I doubt that there's a shortage of translators in Iraq. So we have to see how this probably turned out and the highly suspicious. Timing of this release as he's buried in Sacramento is yet another. I don't know Jeffrey Epstein Style Red Flag here in this highly highly suspect series of events. Were absolutely nothing has been proven claim after claim after claim of trust me as their green caught for lying about things like Duba and they still do it anyway and sadly people still choose to trust them. I guess it's just easier weak weak willed but it's easier I guess now let's follow up with yesterday's events and the possibility that there was some sort of coordination between Ron's attack and the US military being basically sold its could happen without casualties and they de-escalate right so this or so. Oh the reporting. But here's the thing is. I don't think this was something that was done from. The I think this was individually done and this is my take on. I'm looking at here but I truly think that what we're looking at is donald trump or someone in that situation making. This happened because they knew that they that people were trying to start a war like the always have been. That's something we have to consider and that I think is a very positive way to look at this that there are in fact people maybe trump himself that are pulling back from the neo con agenda despite the fact that trump is just as much a part of it right now as everybody else whether that's because he's being manipulated cowed by the advisors or or he's happy to do it in some cases but nonetheless however it is to pull back from the situation was a positive thing absolutely this next article coming from Alabama this entitled Iran's missile launch against to US bases in Iraq calls trump's bluff. Yeah we got a good amount tune back in but understand again. So we're at seven hundred now where we had fourteen hundred before. That's what you that's why they do that right. This is to suppress the information. I hope you guys you can see that now. Honestly I said before I. It's really irrelevant to me that it. I'm GonNa do this no matter what I'm GonNa Continue to bring you the truth always always but nonetheless when we don't reach New People that's the goal. The goal is to make sure that we're only speaking to each other that we never find the new people and help wake up people you know. Often I get emails and comments and letters from people saying that I was lost until we had information from independent media. Not just me by the way but independent media media or telling me that because of your show specifically that I ultimately was able to see through this. That's what they're trying to avoid. That's what scares them. And that's why they're suppressing us very openly today understand now yesterday as you mentioned as you know if if you watch the show or any other independent media a ron fired seventeen. Km to type missiles and five solid fueled talk three thirteen missiles now these were towards two different US bases in Iraq now between one forty five to fifteen local time twenty two hundred ut C. Seventeen missiles hit the on Asad airbase west of Ramadi Mahdi now then five missiles were aimed at a bill airport in the northern Kurdish region of Iraq. There were reportedly no casualties which seems aims today to be confirmed by both the US in Iran but not always recognized that these things we question everything as always. It's possible because of the way that I feel. This went down on that. If there were casualties one way or the other that they would have sort of agreed to not talk about it now the Swiss Embassy in Tehran which represents the United States was apparently warned at least one hour before the attack happened. Which is pretty interesting? which kind of makes this seem? Not the Wade's being presented. Wouldn't and you agree now around twelve. Am Ut see the US Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice to airmen The which prohibited weird. I think we actually reported this while we were on the live. Show the other day yesterday but they prohibited civil. US flights over Iraq Iraq Iran and Persian Gulf and the Gulf Oman and and this is because they were warned understand and it seems at least according to Iran's foreign minister that they also reached out out and warned Iraq's government and possibly even the US government themselves now from brief Iran informed Iraqi Iraqi government of missile attack on US base. This is coming from Iran's foreign minister. Vodka he is saying that he told Rack. Now understand that that just simply means is because he you know he actually respect their sovereignty but I find it next to impossible to believe that he would not know or assume that the US would get wind of that that that they would hear about it that they will get word from somebody..

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