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Of six nine and AM seven forty KCBS. KCBS news time ten fifty forty buyer. And Nick Palmer are at the KCBS editor's desk. Diana shook his writing the news this morning, and we have production assistance from Aruba Cosmi a new documentary film. Looks back at a time when the aids crisis was infancy, and San Francisco it was a time when there was very little known about the deadly disease. KCBS is Jeffrey Schaub reports the film is entitled five be after a special ward created by nurses for aids. Patients at San Francisco General hospital during the nineteen eighties. Dan, Kraus is the documentarian. He says the ninety minute film. Looks back at a team of nurses who were shocked at the lack of compassionate care offered to those suffering with aids patients were not being treated the same sort of dignity and respect that other patients were being afforded. There was a great deal of fear of aids patients and a lot of that fear was laced with latent bigotry crown says he was able to locate several of the nurses who tell their individual stories he was also able to marry that with hours of historic film, which had to be meticulously restored, the nurses made the word happen. And this is one of the first instances in which nurses has led the charge to provide care for patients, and they were the ones who developed this model of care that is used even today became at that time the model of aids care worldwide model care that's rooted not just in medical care. But in compassionate care the documentary five be closed out the Sanford. Cisco film festival last night and should be available for viewing on TV or online soon in San Francisco Jeffrey Xiao, KCBS, let's daylight saving time over now or all enjoying a little more sunshine in our morning drive button. KCBS report caveman Coney says highway officials are also warning the time shift could lead to an uptick in drowsy driving public information officer Hannah Wolcott says that when it comes to driving being tired isn't too different from being intoxicated driving as if you've been drinking alcohol, so it can lead to car crashes, and you know, putting yourself at other jeopardy. Nancy says the recent time change could make this problem worse for many drivers as it gets darker earlier. We all sort of naturally get weepy so rule number one. Do your absolute best to get enough sleep. But if you do find yourself driving tired exit the freeway in respiratory minutes, if you need to before continuing back on your way, just making sure that we all. A good night's rest. Hopefully, beginning, I'll say Keith men Coney KCBS. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he has walked the full length of the tunnel that his company has done beneath the city of Los Angeles. In a tweet must call the tunnel. Quote, disturbingly long end, quote, it's actually about two miles long starting on the headquarters. Property of SpaceX musk says a tunnel is on track for opening December tenth and free rides for the public will start the very next day. The tunnel has basically a test bed for a concept mask and his boring company hoped to build in a number of places allowing commuters and their cars to be whisked beneath city streets to avoid congestion. Other study shows men still aren't getting the message when it comes to protecting themselves from skin cancer details from CBS's Vicki Barker. The researchers say skin cancer deaths. Among men have soared in wealthy nations, while mortality rates among women are rising more slowly or even declining in some places lead author Dorothy Yang of London's Royal free hospital. There is some evidence from several studies suggest that men possibly don't protect your skin as well as women do more than ninety percent of melanoma cancers are caused by overexposure to the sun making it one of the most preventable of cancers. Something more men need to take on board. Vicki Barker CBS news now.

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