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By our happiest place. Do you mean literally. Go to a place. I like to be. Do you mean. Imagine a place in my mind. Say more about that. I think everyone has their own place where they feel secure and safe and allowed to be themselves and do what is like innate to them and for some people it's with other people who understand them it's with their found family. It's in a place where they feel safe and unguarded. It's in a workspace where they're supported. And when you think of what is your happy place something will spring to your mind. And you're like yeah. I know with them. I know what that feels like. It could be an embrace. It could be a chair. It could be some park that only ten people in the city know about but everybody knows exactly quickly where there is. There's a type of meditation called. I rest and it's been used with a lot of veterans a lot of people with ptsd and it really is an interesting meditation protocol because it pulls multiple different. What i would consider meditation types together into one but one of the exercises is sort of defining your happy place and it's actually you think of a place. It's a technique that you do in your mind to sort of ground and settle you. It's a retreat without having to go anywhere essence. I always found it an interesting idea. I was reading about habits like that and one of the things was. When you know when you're truly embodying like feeling your way through a place you know it. It smells like feels like your temperature. Changes everything about your experience becomes of that place. And that's true of if you're triggered to think of something horrible or triggered to think of something absolutely soothing and welcoming and just practicing that a little bit it really is like oh even my heartbeat changes when i think about different locations where i could physically be in. It's a super powerful thing to put in your brain absolutely step. Five is be connected connections with others or a powerful defense against fear salo more about that. Yes the one thing that i kept coming up on when i was reading about. Why are we afraid. What are we working against. our sphere. Manifest in us and isolation was a key component of it triggers all the fear and all the like deep depression terrible. I don't know what to do. Because i can't talk to anyone about it and i don't know how to be because i don't have any want echo off of and being out and about and learning of different places or could exist or different communities where i could join in that really sort of again. It's an anchoring system of i belong here. I can do this in this space and again just even going through all the okay. This is what cove is doing to people. This is what lockdown is doing to people this is how isolation is affecting people who age out of friend groups because of their friends pass away. How do we work with the very elderly or the very isolated and all of those ideas really were just one person can totally change how you react because you have one connection you of one bullet point you have won anchor and finding those anchors just is amazingly awful. I heard a statistic. The other day that i thought cannot be true. And then i said that someone else's and i heard this statistic and cannot be true and they're like oh yeah it's true so again i don't know if it's true for one hundred percent but couple of people validated it now..

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