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19. Um, you also talked about keeping your options open and seeking privacy. What would that until Yes, well, a lot of times when we see the quarantine You know the typical approach to it. It's people that are at home and they're reaching out to social media and privacy is almost the exact opposite of social media. What we look what we're going to see is we're going to see that future leaders are made during quarantine. And part of that is what were you doing on social media? Because if you kept ah sense of privacy and kept your professional demeanor on social media, then there's nothing more to talk about. But if you We're proclaiming to the world how you feel politically, You're really smashing somebody into the rocks on Facebook that can come back to haunt you and and and legally. Right. I mean, your company, Khun See that and say we no longer want you here and we have a right to get rid of you. Because of these posts. Absolutely. It can get really dangerous. People are alone in that room when their computer screen and they don't I just don't feel the same threat. Thanks, Chris. Chris Mansky again. The book is called the prepared Investor coming up next, how we make money management harder than it has to be. Other banks charge fees on savings and checking accounts doesn't sound good. Does it? Capital one reimagined banking,.

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