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Screaming in a back like it's a roller coaster ride. I mean, it's crazy now almost killed. This is this is Rome. You said, right. It was in Rome. Yeah. They were on their way soccer match. So that's on our website seventeen w dot com slash Linda, Michael. And today's Anthony special Anthony is our assistant producer. He's put together a series of pictures. I think you might wanna see. So here's the story. Eight professional models are suing a new strip club because the strip club uses their images. Oh, they're not really dancers. No. They don't remember them. They're just model the professional models. In fact, one is the wife of giants third baseman. Evan longoria. Her name is Jamie Edmonson longoria. She's beautiful. I'm just telling you the truth. She's a Miami. Dolphins cheerleader. There's another one who's a former playmate of the month. So all these women are suing the Newburgh strip club for using their images. But Anthony cleverly put together all these images of the models who are doing the sewage. That's a nice page to look very attractive page on our website. It would be fun fun. Anthony, if we could find what the real strippers work at the club, look like and put them side by side. You have all these real beautiful women next. All these women who look like the hair cabaret, you're going to say look like to say, actually. Now, you got to check this stuff out you go to seven said w dot com slash Len. And Michael now, another here's another one. You gotta see on our website. There's a crazy story. A British cops are hunting, a thief who looks like David Schwimmer Fred's. Did you see the? It looks like the guy looks exactly like, David. Well, here's the story. And here's the exact quote, a guy looking early like the friends actor was caught on footage. Buying a case of beer half. Thefts. What? Well, listen, this guy made a million bucks an episode. I don't think I don't think it's David Schwimmer worked in a while the cops in the UK even went so far is to say they check to see the Schwimmer was not in the UK that that's how that's how close he looked. Wow. To Schwimmer the cops actually made sure he wasn't around is crazy. So you got to check out this picture on our website. Once looks exactly like, David Schwimmer. I gotta say, I know it's freaky. Well, they they do know who the person is. They say the person knows karate and oh, okay. So anyway. Check out. Our website seven said w o I dot com slash Lennon. Michael all before we it's a break. Patrick in Glendale. You wanted to weigh in on the those three suspicious packages sent the Democrats. Yeah. Len I'd like to confront you on your sexist attitude because a few minutes ago, you said, I hope they get the guy. How do you know? It's not a woman. Why just use guy euphemistic? Texas. Yeah. I think I should be thrown in jail. Thanks patch. Absolutely. Lady bombers, frankly, when I think of bombers to you know, what he's probably right away. But you really would you woman now now sexist, well, it is Sam barest forever. So we shouldn't think of ladies bombing guy thing to do. It is a guy. Coming up. You've never heard of a bridezilla quite like this. This was not nice, ladies and gentlemen..

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