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Pay. I Mitch and I'm Greg. And this is side note a podcast where every episode we chat about life and what stumping us right now, and then we research and splice in all the science and mind-blowing shipping it out. So you are entertained while simultaneously learning today? We're talking about Louis c. k. I remember the time I, I heard him use the f bomb as an the word related to gay people say that a bunch on today's show, so healthy. Okay with that, Greg tells a really intense story about doing standup with a bunch of Dushi dudes. And then we debate whether or not Louis c. k. should even be allowed to do comedy. Okay. So what did we learn this week? Oh, buddy. We learned this week. Ooh, okay. This is what I think I learned about this week. 'cause I spent a lot of time with Ernie our puppy and it was by myself for the first time because Greg was away for work. And I feel like I, it's a mix of things I learned like a little bit more patients because it was a lot harder to do it on my own. And then Secondly, you kind of see the result of just like consistency and structure John lab. I love structure, you're right. I think I don't love it. Sometimes with them when I saw the result of it, I was really happy that it was like come together because the beginning of the week because it was a new structure like it was just me having to do all the house. It was really chaotic and I felt like he was actually chaotic and not like being bad, but like I was getting frustrated, doggy bad girl, batboy, whatever. And then he eventually sorted like to listen and get the schedule by the end of the week. I actually like the last two days. I was just like so happy. And we were just like playing and cuddling and. Did you structure into this is like a really back door way of me being guess, stuck. Yeah, so it's just nice. It's a nice reminder that like sometimes things that you want to happen right away does don't. And it's really frustrating. It just takes like micro transactions through many days, many years, many, whatever to see results, and that is life. And that is a nice lesson for life. You know, you wanna learn something. You really just have to put in that time. You wanna lose weight or gain muscle. It's like you want the results now, but you just have to start just have to put it in over long periods of time. So that's what I learned. What did you love? How you learn something Boba? Then it turns you into like you're gonna get smart. I feel everything's all the time, but I like what I really learned is that like the entertainment industry is an industry and so because we were in New York is very interesting because we got to work with some really awesome people including during McKesson Brooks from orange, his new black and literally might be on say with which is good fury from my favorite podcast, the read. So crystal is also the host of also maybe on say, but it was insane. We were so nervous, Rachel, our producer also is obsessed with them. My point is that like you glorify these people and this industry so much in your head. I always have done in my whole life like literally bald is out to every popstar ever hush take, then you see it and it's like they were so good. I loved working with them. They were so helpful, but they're exhausted and it's fun to show up somewhere and have to like learn lines immediately like it just makes you realize that all these people that you like watch them just like perform at the Vienna. Is there something and you're like their job is so spe- like they just you just glorify this industry so much, but it's actually really hard. It, it's full of anxiety and like re they were so great to us, but we were asking them to do something really challenging and just like putting myself in their shoes..

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