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Is, hey, we're. Saturday, April sixth Todd Frazier, W W, E bobblehead. So it's Todd Frazier with cutoff shirt and big muscles. Huge muscles holding a wrestling. All graduation Rivera. Graduations to Marianna Rivera hall of fame unanimous. Yeah. Absolutely. So here we go. Here's an Ola. Jacob degrom Cy Young bobblehead. On his way to the hall of graduations to Mariana Rivera, unanimous hall of fame inducted up yours the game of thrones, Noah, Syndergaard bobblehead. I don't know if he's riding a dragon or something they haven't put the picture of that four bobble head. It's a game of thrones baba. Congratulations to Marian Rivera on his unanimous induction up, yours marvel superhero day Spiderman bobblehead, and that's against the Phillies. The Mets announced this on. And wait. There's one more. What? One more a moron. Mister met on the moon. Bobbleheads up yours. So that's I could see that like mister met planting a flag on the moon. I might have to wait outside for that one couple hours before the game starts, and you could buy them, by the way. Now, just by not even fun anymore to wait on the line is only X amount of fifty thousand if I wanted to buy this mister met on the moon. I could do that right now.

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